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5 Memorial Day Touching Gifts for People In Grief

Picking gifts for people in grief is easier than you thought.

5 Memorial Day Touching Gifts for People In Grief

Time heals all wounds, but some are just too fresh to heal just yet. For many whose loved ones died while fighting for our country, Memorial Day can be tough to get by. With the right gift, you can offer them some solace, while showing them that there’s someone who is still there for them. 

Whether it's your children, your wife or husband, or a close friend, show your condolences to your grieving friends with these 5 touching gifts, all of which are on sale this Memorial Day.

1. For remembering loved ones: Photo frames

For remembering loved ones

Photos can capture a person’s most special memories down to the very last details, keeping them alive forever. But they are just so fragile and can be easily destroyed or faded by the environment. This makes anything that helps to preserve photos the perfect gift for a person in grief.

Photo frames

When it comes to remembering a loved one that has passed away, framing their photo is the most popular option. Avoid wooden black frames; they look too solemn and can easily trigger heavy thoughts. Something lighter, like silver or white, can lighten up the room and instantly highlight the photos. 


There are other conventions to avoid when choosing gifts for Memorial Day. Read them here.

2. For self-indulgence: Gift basket

For people in grief, self-indulgence might be a good idea to take their minds off the pain. That’s why a condolence gift basket is a great option to send someone if you don’t know what else to give them.

gift basket

Among all options available for your condolence food basket, deserts are usually picked. Scientifically proven to help alleviate pains and sadness, a sugary treat can help the grieving person feel somewhat lighter while trying to process their loss. Keep in mind that these desert baskets can go bad easily, so choose a reliable delivery service to make sure the person you sent them to can thoroughly enjoy them.

For more traditional gifts for Memorial Day, take a look at our expert guide on Memorial Day gift-giving.

3. For relieving body pains and tensions: A massager

Sometimes, emotional pains can manifest into physical pains. After a long time of grief, people tend to feel exhausted, with aches all over their bodies. 

For relieving body pains and tensions

A massager is a god-gift after any good cry fest. Massage can help ease the body tensions, relieve them of any stiffness in their neck, head or shoulders. Even better, the compact size makes it easy to move them around, allowing them full privacy to enjoy their relaxation in peace.

The Myobuddy massager is cheap, compact, and is a lot cheaper when you redeem one of our coupon codes.

4. For mental escapades: Books 

For mental escapades

Leaving a person in grief alone in their thoughts seems like a respectful and courteous thing to do; people process pains differently after all. However, this can trigger more depressing thoughts, and often does more harm than good.

Instead, give them something to take their mind off their pain of losing someone is preferred. When the pain becomes too much to handle, a book can provide a temporary mental escapade that temporarily draws them away from their pains and into something more mentally stimulating instead. 

For mental escapades 1

Self-help books on how to deal with grief are the best choice, as they directly help the grieving person recognize destructive behavioral patterns and learn how to deal with pain more positively. Pick your book from one of these reputable online book stores for the best prices and discounts.

5. For plant hobbies: succulents

For plant hobbies

Sometimes, a good way to deal with the death of someone you love is by celebrating them with another. In most cases, a pet like dogs or cats can help jumpstart get them out of their cesspool of depression.

For plant hobbies 1

People who are still grappling with their loved one’s death may not have the necessary energy for something so lively, however. So, instead of getting them a pet, which they are not able to take care of yet, a succulent may be a superior choice. Resilient and require only minimal attention, a succulent can survive for months of neglect, while providing your friend with something to take care of anytime they want.

Read our guide on how to pick a good succulent to adopt here.

Final thought

Final thought

People in grief hardly know what they are doing, that’s why they need people to be their rock while they readjust themselves to live through the pain. Show your condolences to your grieving friends with these 5 touching gifts, all of which are on sale this Memorial Day.