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5 Happy Tips To Your Unique Wedding Invitations

It's the time you and your partner sit down to start Wedding planning. So, how to make your wedding invitation unique? We've created a list of 4 tips to help you design the most beautiful wedding invitation.

tips for your wedding invitations

Tips for your wedding invitations

Find your wedding style and wedding colors

Your Wedding Stationery Suits need to match the overall theme of the Wedding. The first thing you should do is find a suitable wedding style. It could be a simple or sparkling wedding with lots of lights. It should also contain a little bit of your own personality, making it special for your wedding.

The wedding invitation is also part of the wedding, so it should be the same color as the wedding. You can also design invitations to match the season and wedding venue.

find your wedding style and wedding colors

Think about the wedding color, too. You can incorporate your hues and a motif into your wedding invitations, then synchronize the design with other wedding papers like menus or escort cards. Don't forget to choose suitable fonts and font colors, easy to see.

Select the shape and size

There are many wedding invitation sizes you can choose from. A popular size for wedding invitations is a 4.5-inch x 6.25-inch rectangular card.

Don't stick to this traditional card! Get creative with modern card shapes like circular, scalloped, and square invitations. Your guests will surprise and impress with your wedding invitations.

select the shape and size

However, you may have to pay more for unique invitation card designs. Please consider your money carefully!

Start early

Remember, guests take time to prepare! Send invitations early, give everyone a good time to feel confident and ready for an upcoming wedding.

Your Save-the-date cards need to be prepared and pre-designed 8 to 10 months before the wedding. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks—or longer, depending on how fancy you go—to print them. If possible, ordering everything from one wedding supplier can save you money and make the invitation process easier.

Make sure your invitations are made and completed in 4-5 months. You need to send your card to guests about 2 - 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Check content

Your cards will be sent to guests, be precise with your words. Use your words creatively and presentable. Your card becomes the color and weight of your wedding message if you use creative words.

Don't write with too common words. Use your creativity to write your wedding invitation uniquely.

check content

Purchase more

It’s expensive to go back and print more invitations. Maybe you recorded the wrong guest, or there are a few people you wish you could invite, so, you need to add a few more invitations. Order more wedding invitations than your guests’ list, at least 25 cards.

If you have a lengthy extra-list, you should order a second set of invitations with a later wedding date. Make sure you have some back-up wedding cards.

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