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5 Hair Waxing Tips for a Smooth-as-a-Baby-Bum Skin

Ladies, it’s June. That means it’s time to show your glorious bikini body on the sunny beach. Misscire's 5 waxing hacks will keep your skin smooth as a baby’s bum, from your brows to your bikini lines.

5 Hair Waxing Tips

1. Eyebrows


The first thing to remember about waxing your eyebrows: Never wax your eyebrows by yourself. Nor ask your friends to do it for you. Your eyebrows should always be done in a professional salon because one misplaced drop of wax can have lasting, and hilarious, consequences. 

Eyebrows 1

A lesser-known hack for eyebrows waxing is to stop taking anything with Retinol for a week at least before your waxing session. Retinol is most used in anti-aging products and can cause the skin to turn over and peel, thus fading out your crows' feet. That, unfortunately, makes the top layer of your skin more vulnerable to burn and ripped off from waxing.

2. Upper lip

Upper lip

On men, facial hair looks rough and hot; on women, not so much. Having a lady stache, no matter how thin, is a nightmare for any lady. Shaving it off won’t last for long, as paper lip hair is surprisingly resilient, and can grow back pretty quickly.

Upper lip 1

Waxing is a good solution to deal with upper lips hair, as it takes a long time for the hair to grow back after being ripped out of its follicle. For a home waxing session, remember to select a low-temperature kit. Your face is temperature-sensitive and can be easily burned by hot wax. Also, divide and conquer your ladystache: work on its left side, right side, and center separately, and pull upward for the cleanest result.

3. Underarm


The hair in your underarm region is typically long, thick, and bushy. Thus, it might be tough to pull them out with tweezers. Shaving the region will require you to trim them first before shaving, which is another hassle on its own.

Underarm 1

Before waxing your underarm, pop some ibuprofen to reduce or prevent swelling. Also, work slowly, in small sections, because your underarm hair grows in different directions, making them excruciating to remove by waxing.

4. Legs


As you strut down the beach, your legs will receive the most amount of attention. Thus, this is one of the regions you want to keep as clean and smooth as possible. However, keeping your legs hairless is quite a task: leg hair is notoriously thick and regenerative, showing stumbles only days after shaving them. 

Legs 1

Waxing your legs is very common, the region is just too large to be taken care of with tweezers. Waxing can make your legs look clean for weeks, although it is more painful due to the thick hair. Remember to apply wax to the direction your hair grows, before pulling the waxing strips off in the opposite direction. For minimal pains, work in small patches only.

5. The bikini region

The bikini region

Going Brazilian is no stranger to ladies who want a smooth coot, as waxing has the best results when it comes to the bikini areas. While you wouldn’t flaunt it out, a few strands of pubic hair can draw attention to your bikini region, for all the wrong reasons.

The bikini region 1

Doing a bikini wax by yourself is not difficult, and not at all different from waxing your other areas. Do know, however, that waxing your nether region is extremely painful, so work in small patches and brace yourself for the pain. Also, a quick shower for cleanliness is highly recommended. Last but not least, for any pains or irritation afterward, apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to soothe your bikini area.

Bonus: Miss Cire clear wax - the wax with the strongest grip out there. 

Miss Cire clear wax

For a clean waxing session, the quality of your wax must be good, else you could face irritations due to low-quality ingredients or ineffective wax that doesn’t have a strong grip on the hair for removal. 

Miss Cire clear wax 1

Amongst the best hair removal wax, Miss Cire clear wax is highly sought after, even by professional beauty salons, due to its affordability and good quality. For home waxing, a $25 jar should last you a few months. But if you are looking for something bigger, try redeeming a Miss Cire coupon to lower your purchase.