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5 DECIEM essentials for glowing skin

Looking for cheap skincare products was painstaking until DECIEM steps in. The brand's low price approach to complement its high quality was a stark contrast to other high-end makeup brands, whose cheapest products were restricted only to make-ups.

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 1

With 7 years in operation and hundreds of products released, it’s tough choosing the right thing for your skin. Don’t worry, here comes a basic guide for the 5 non-pricy essentials that you need for any skin conditions.

For dehydrated skins: Hyaluronic Acid + B5

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 2

Does your skin ever appear dull, and feel so dry, flaky, and itchy? If so, then your skin is possibly dehydrated. Have you by any chance been neglecting your skin its usual moisture?

Costing only $7 right now, the brand’s Hyaluronic Acid + B5 is designed to remedy skin dehydration. Hyaluronic acid attracts 1000 times its weight in water, while vitamin B5 helps to boost the hydration level on the surface of your skin. Together, they absorb moisture quickly and replenish dehydrated skin.

For makeup enthusiasts: Squalane Cleanser

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 3

Waterproofed makeup products are popular in the beauty community. While having your makeups durable against the environment may be a plus, washing them off is a literal pain! At times, it seems scrubbing your skin raw red with makeup remover is the only way to go.

Stop abusing your skin and try something gentler instead! With the $7 Squalane Cleanser, cleansing up your makeup is a lot less brutal. It gently dissolves makeup on your skin, making wiping off your makeup a lot easier without leaving any stripes from traditional scrubbings.

For oily and acne skins: Salicylic Acid Masque

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 4

Everyone has to go through the acne nightmare at least once, especially teenagers who have oily skin. These little buggers popping up unexpectedly, threatening your flawless skin with uneven bumps, and even deep and permanent scars.

Keep your face clear of acne with the Salicylic Acid Masque. This mask rids your face of dead skin cells that clog your pores. Its main ingredient also accelerates healing for inflamed acne.

This product comes recommended for sensitive skin that can be easily irritated with acne treatments. Furthermore, it’s one of the cheapest products from DECIEM, at just $12. Even less when you shop with a DECIEM coupon code.

For puffy eyebags: Caffeine Solution + EGCG:

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 5

Heavy bags around the eyes is probably one of the most annoying to deal with, as it is non-preventive. As your skin ages, it loses elasticity. Your skin begins to sag, and fat starts to pool and form the ‘bags’, even making them look puffy or swollen.

To avoid adding 30 years to your look with these eyebags, use this caffeine-infused serum. It helps to constrict blood vessels on your skin, which reduces the puffiness under your eyes. The EGCG helps brighten the dark pigmentation on these bags. Found on the DECIEM’s shelf at $7, this serum is another steal for you.

For those with a little blemish: Vitamin C Suspension + HA Spheres

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 6

Glowing skin makes you look alive! Yet your skin can look unevenly toned because of some darkened spots from a previous breakout or natural hereditary. While efficient makeups make your skin look just as flawless, would you rather your skin could have that natural glow instead?

Enter the Vitamin C Suspension + HA Spheres from DECIEM. This formula contains over 20% of pure and stabilized L-ascorbic acid to brighten your skin with noticeable results. Another 2% of hyaluronic acid gives your skin its much-needed dose of vitamin C and further smoothens the surface of your skin.

Currently sold at $6, the Vitamin C Suspension + HA Spheres is a top-seller from Deciem Discount code from the brand can lower this price even further.

Bonus hack - For those who want to spend even less: DECIEM promo code

5 deciem essentials for glowing skin 7

The truth is keeping your skin healthy takes up a lot of time and money. An effective regimen requires a lot of skincare products and must be followed continuously to guarantee lasting effects.

People don’t go crazy on a spending spree on skincare. These products can cost a lot when shopping in large quantities. That is why DECIEM’s promotional programs are so loved, as the help you get as much as 30% off the pricetags of what you wanted.

So why shop for them at full price? Use these working coupons on our DECIEM promo code collection to save massively on your DECIEM shopping spree today!