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4 Parts That Need Replacing to Put Your AC Back to Its Tip-Top Shape

It’s almost June. That means, unless your AC is brand new, your home is likely to be under the assault of the sweltering summer heat. Make sure your AC is good enough to handle the summer heat by checking for 4 parts that need replacing to put your AC back to its tip-top shape.

4 Parts That Need Replacing

1. Air filters 

Air filters

Probably the easiest to examine and replace on this list, your AC air filter is crucial to maintain a clean airflow throughout your house. Thus, it needs constant replacements, especially if there’s someone with asthma or respiratory conditions in your home. Households with pets also need to have their AC’s air filter often replaced, due to risks of airborne contaminants like shed hair or flake of skins. 

Air filters 1

Replacing your air filter is relatively easy, as the part is neither a moving nor electrical part. It needs to be replaced as often as once every 30 to 60 days. To check whether your air filter needs replacing, hold it up against a light source and see if you can see any passes through. If the light is dimmed then it’s time to replace your air filter. 

You can get a replacement for your air filter at Repair Clinic, starting from just $19.36.

2. Contactor / Capacitors

Contactor Capacitors

Some of the most heavily used parts in your AC, the contactor and run/start capacitors are responsible for 80% of your AC’s efficiency during summer. A faulty contactor or capacitors can be identified via the sound that your AC makes when running.

  • Chattering: This means your contacts accumulate too much dirt, or its coil has become too weak to properly function.

  • Humming: If you hear humming from your AC upon turning it on, but your AC doesn’t work, this also means that your contact is too dirty.

  • Melting: The contactor case has melted from overheating. This means your contactor needs replacing immediately.


If you suspect your AC’s contactor or capacitors need to be replaced, call a professional technician for help. Mistakes made during contactor and capacitors replacements can be costly at best and dangerous at worst.

Contactor Capacitors 1

Repair Clinic provides AC’s contactors at $20.60 only.

3. Blower Motor/Fan Motor

Blower Motor

The blower motor carries the bulk to ensure strong airflow in your house. It propels the AC fan, which means the stronger it is, the stronger the air flows. But with constant usage, the motor will eventually encounter some forms of obstruction or fatigue, hindering its efficiency. 

Fan Motor

Common causes for your blower motor to fail include old age, dirt accumulation, and inconsistent lubrication. This can easily be remedied by calling a technician. In some cases, the motor might even burn out after extreme use, which means your blower motor needs to be replaced.

AC Blower Motor is sold at Repair Clinic for $101.60. Grab your AC replacement parts now before your faulty AC bursts into flame in the summer heat.

4. Compressor 


The most expensive part of any ACs, your compressor handles the heavy workload of cooling down your home in the summer. By circulating the refrigerant necessary to exchanging heat between indoor and outdoor units, your compressor is the key component in making sure your home is cool like a cucumber.

Compressor 1

A compressor will likely stop working if:

  • Dirty Coils: debris, dirt and grimes can accumulate after extended usage on the condenser coils. This stops the compressor from cooling down properly, which causes overheating and failure.

  • Blocked Refrigerant Lines: Prolong usage can clog the refrigerant lines, which diminishes your AC’s cool air output.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels: This is often caused by a leak in the refrigerant lines, due to high usage or external circumstances.

Compressor  2

In most cases, proper maintenance of your AC will prolong the life of your compressor. On the contrary, a lack of maintenance can lead to your AC’s compressor overheating, burning out, and need immediate replacement.

Compressor 3

Starting at $343.69, replacing your AC compressor can cause a lot less when you redeem a working Repair Clinic promo code. Grab your AC replacement parts now before your faulty AC bursts into flame in the summer heat.