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4 Early2bed Fun Toys That Spice Your Inner Kink Up

There's a reason why, despite its unrealistic plot, 50 Shades of Grey remains an epitome in erotica, and gains a huge female audience. The book approaches sex from a BDSM perspective and explores a woman's journey into the world of kinky sex capade.


It makes us realize something: Sex is a lot more fun when you explore new things with a partner you trust. Perhaps getting a little kinkier may just be the answer you are looking for to revitalize your waning sex life.

When it comes to sex, there’s no shame in learning new things. Therefore, here come the 4 little toys to awaken your inner Anastasia Steele, from your trusted Early2Bed sex store.

Bond Cuffs & Blindfold

EARLY 2 BED SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESFor couples as beginners, a little restraint of movement and sense can do wonders. The Early2Bed Bond Cuffs & Blindfold is just the right toy for those who look to spice up their intimacy with something a little tame.

Made from microfiber, both cuffs and the blindfold are soft and carry a velvety quality to the touch.

It’s common knowledge that darkness greatly enhances sensitivity. The blindfold comes with an elastic band, which is sturdy and comfortable enough to keep your partner in the dark for hours without making them uncomfortable from the band being too tight.

With strong velcro closures and a 3" long D ring & webbing connector, the cuffs will keep your partner in place no matter how much they thrash and squirm, putting their sexual release completely at your mercy.


For just $12, this bundle of love can be yours, even less when you redeem a working early2bed discount code.


The Cock Lasso

EARLY 2 BED SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESCockrings have been known to prolong erection and intensify normal orgasm for men.

For you ladies who want your night to last a lot longer than usual, but your partner doesn’t want or need, the little blue pill, the Cock Lasso is the perfect option for your gentleman’s little gentleman.

This fully adjustable cockring is the perfect training wheel for any bondage involving your man’s nether region.

The zip allows beginners to exert the amount of pressure that feels best on their Johnson, as well as slowly training them for tighter and more elaborate cockrings for future plays.

Made from soft and smooth, phthalate-free surgical grade latex, and features an adjustable toggle for easy cinch tight-fitting, this cock ring is designed to make him feel comfortable and safe down there.

Better yet, it is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about it being too soiled to reuse.

With $8 only, you too can start training your man’s erection with this little Cock Lasso.


The Beginner BDSM Kit

EARLY 2 BED SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESWith the right sensations applying to the right spot, sex will blow your mind into the stratosphere! It will take a while for you to find the right kind of sensation that makes your man jolt, beginner, however.

Made for those who want a test drive on their 50 Shades fantasy, this beginner kit should do the trick.

This one bundle brings you: a black satin blindfold, a soft & tickly pleasure feather, a roll of versatile Bondage Tape, a mini three-speed Power Vibe, and Samples of both Silicone & Water-based lube to keep everything slippery for your play.

Other than a classic blindfold found in any other BDSM kit, this beginner kit also has a small vibrator and a feather tickler for you to experience sensations in different areas of the body.

The bondage tape should emulate a gag-and-bound situation as safe as possible. And of course, enough to get everything slips into places.


With the 15% store discount, you should be able to acquire this kit for around $28.


Big Bonus: Using an Early2Bed promo code

You might feel overwhelmed by the plethora of sex devices offered by Early2Bed, especially at their staggering price tags. Worry not, for Early2Bed can make the art of the boudoir so much more affordable with their promo codes.


By scouting around on the Internet, you can easily access trusted coupon sources, like this one, to use their Early2Bed coupon collection. Just redeem a yet-to-expire coupon and whatever kinks or fantasy you have in mind will be within reach, today!

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