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3 Must-Have EMF Protection Products for Babies by Shield Your Body

“My message… is not to abandon gadgets—like most people I too love and utilize EMF- generating gadgets,” he wrote in Overpowered. “Instead, I want you to realize that EMF poses a real risk to living creatures and that industrial and product safety standards must and can be reconsidered” - Dr. Martin Blank.

Our whole world is totally and essentially reliant upon EMF radiating innovations. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is an area of moving electrical charges. A few EMFs, particularly those including ionizing radiation, can be unsafe.

Whether you're discussing light bulbs or cell phones or wifi routers or electrical cables — you can't dispose of that stuff; EMF is staying put. In any case, that is not the entire story. Since there are more secure ways of utilizing this innovation — to live a better life in a world covered by human-made EMF.

Propelled by his dad, Dr. Martin Blank. R Blank was inspired to make Shield Your Body with one objective: to make it more straightforward for individuals to carry on with better lives, in offset with current innovation. Since babies are viewed as one of the most vulnerable individuals. He made items to safeguard babies against EMF radiation from modern technology.

This article discusses the three must-have EMF protection items for babies. It is the point of this article to give attention to all families concerning how to safeguard their babies from the danger of EMF radiation from modern technology like mobile phones.

Here we go.  Keep on scrolling so you will know.

1. SYB Baby Blanket

SHIELD YOUR BODY COUPONS & PROMO CODESThe SYB Baby Blanket is an agreeable and hypoallergenic delicate cotton wool cover, fixed with 18% silver, that redirects up to 99.9% of wireless radiation. It makes it simple to safeguard your baby from unsafe EMF radiation from remote gadgets. It is a result of science, not superstition. They utilize generally settled logical standards to protect your baby. Each blanket is woven with a slim silver string that frames a safeguard to encompass and safeguard your baby.

It is produced using three layers. The two external layers are produced using US-developed cotton wool and colored with non-poisonous colors. In the middle of between the two layers of wool is a sheet of clear environmental unbleached cotton texture without synthetics in the center, woven with tiny silver wire to frame a defensive lattice. Also, it's sewn together in Canada with great sewing that they ensure forever.

Also, what is more about it? The SYB Baby Blanket can likewise safeguard pregnant ladies. Simply wrap the Baby Blanket around your tummy while you sit or attempt to safeguard your baby in the belly. It is the main EMF Baby Blanket made in the USA and Canada, with top-notch North American workmanship. Your baby merits nothing less.

Utilizing their SYB Baby Blanket couldn't be more straightforward. Simply use it like a standard cover. That is all there is to it! Furthermore, presently your baby is safeguarded. Since their SYB Baby Blanket safeguards your baby and not your gadgets, they furnish security without slowing down the gathering, execution, or battery duration of your remote gadgets. It is machine launderable and dryable. Machine wash on the 'sensitive' setting, or hand wash, with cold water. Tumble dry with no intensity, or air dry. Try not to iron, twist, wring dry, bleach, or dry clean.

“Not only do I love the blanket, knowing that my boys are protected, but I am also incredibly impressed with the customer service from this company. Thank you so much. I am telling everyone about SYB and will be a loyal customer for life!” - Kristen L., Verified Buyer.

2. SYB Baby Beanie

SHIELD YOUR BODY COUPONS & PROMO CODESThe SYB Baby Beanie safeguards your baby from up to 99.9% of harmful EMF radiation from mobile phones, PCs, wi-fi, and other remote gadgets. You put the SYB Baby Beanie on your baby’s head, and their noggin has safeguarded any place he/she goes. It utilizes deeply grounded science to safeguard your baby from destructive EMF radiation.

Every Beanie is woven with 35% silver string to frame a safeguard to divert EMF radiation, working similar to a Faraday cage. It is hypoallergenic and non-harmful. It's produced using a delicate, rich, light-weight, breathable, stretchable cotton-based texture that is ok for everyday use. The material utilized is 35% silver, 45% cotton, and 20 percent nylon. It comes in numerous sizes. It is accessible in five distinct sizes. Get the specific right fit for your developing baby’s head.

“This may be odd BUT this is the only thing my baby will allow to be on her head for a long period. She also sleeps longer when she wears it” - Yalanda Pierce.

3. SYB Serenity Canopy

The SYB Serenity Canopy safeguards your whole body in any place you need. It's lightweight, and easy to hang anywhere: your family room, your office, or even your baby’s nursery. It's perfect for rockers, loveseats, understanding niches, and even bunks. Like their SYB Bed Canopy, the Serenity Canopy is a research center that tried against 5G up to 26 GHz. It likewise safeguards you from WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth-every one of the remote frequencies of EMF.

Furthermore, it even incorporates a floor mat for complete 360-degree insurance against harmful EMF radiation. Not at all like other EMF bed coverings, the SYB Serenity Canopy incorporates a floor mat so you are safeguarded in every course while you rest. The floor mat is 55.1″ x 98.4″ (140*250cm) and produced using 30% treated steel, 30% polyester, and 40% cotton.

The king-size canopy incorporates two mats, and the twin incorporates one. The SYB Serenity Canopy doesn't need establishment, and it incorporates a roof mount pack for simple establishment. Furthermore, since each SYB Serenity Canopy weighs short of one pound, you needn't bother with any exceptional support in the roof. The mounting pack incorporates:

  • 1 hook;
  • 1 screw;
  • 1 reinforced-tip 36″ cotton lace string for easy height adjustment      

SHIELD YOUR BODY COUPONS & PROMO CODESThis EMF canopy is the single simplest one you can find to mount, move and oversee over time.  It is 5G tested - up to 26 GHz. So you can relax realizing you are shielded not just from 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth, yet in addition to all the new 5G tech and receiving wires. It is made from a sumptuous, light-weight, breathable, silver string. What's more, it includes top-notch sewing for strength.

It is easy to use. Just install it. Simply get inside for a quiet, peaceful, defensive climate. The design includes a slit for easy, one-handed entry and exit. Also, the included floor mat means you are safeguarded toward each path. It is machine launderable. Machine wash with cold water on a sensitive setting, or hand wash with cold water. Wash with comparable tones. Air dry as it were. Try not to iron, twist, wring dry, or dry clean.

“Great item, easy to assemble & fast delivery, very pleased with this purchase” - Peter. 

Protect your babies.  Purchase now! Simply make use of the Shield Your Body coupon and promo codes. There are a couple of ways for you to get your hands on a working Shield Your Body coupon code. You can subscribe to the Shield Your Body newsletter service to remain in the loop of any suitable promotions. You can likewise check in consistently with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals, for their collection of active offers, for example, the Shield Your Body coupon code.

In conclusion, in a world where every wireless device emits harmful electromagnetic radiation. Shield your babies with EMF protection products.  Shield Your Body are proud to introduce SYB Baby Blanket, SYB Baby Beanie, and SYB Serenity Canopy.  “Tidy product and quick delivery. Thank you SYB” - Tom Moly.

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