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3 action-packed games to get you through your lockdown blue

With deadlier strains of COVID-19 mutating each day, it might be safer to stay indoors this summer. To deal with the inevitable claustrophobia from cooping up inside your house for too long, here are 3 action-packed games from Kinguin to get you through your lockdown blue.

3 action packed

1. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

The latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise, and one of its bestselling titles to date, Resident Evil Village receives praises from both players and critics for its focus on the action aspect of the game while still maintaining its survival horror atmosphere.

Mixing and improving the best aspects of all previous RE titles, including the gores, Resident Evil Village enhances its creepy atmosphere to the max, guarantee to scare even the most hardcore of its player base.

Resident Evil Village 1

Another brownie point with RE fans is that Village’s theme and designs lean toward Gothics, such as how Lady Dimitrescu and her 3 daughters are inspired by Bram Stocker’s Dracula, or the Lord Monreau resembles Lovecraft’s Forsaken Merman.

On sale for only $44.33, you can get Resident Evil Village now before its price goes back up.

2. Outrider 


Available now with a 27% discount, join Outriders to start shooting at everything you see! With 4 classes to choose from: Devastator, Trickster, Pyromancer, or Technomancer, each has its distinctive skill tree for a different playing style, putting holes into your targets has never been so fun!

Outrider isn’t breaking any sci-fi tropes. Instead, it puts them together in an innovative way. This works as players can instantly get used to its loot-shooting system while exploring how the game employs older shooting games’ mechanics and tropes and making them into a brand-new system.

Outrider 1

The in-game loots are also generous, so much that you are guarantee sufficient playing resources even if you don't spend 20+ hours grinding. Outriders’ in-game arsenal put many games to shame with how diverse it is, gun-enthusiasts especially.

The best thing about Outrider is its non-stopping content update. Released back in April, Outrider has consistently pushed out newer patches to draw in new players, occurring as often as once per week. This improves the playing experience drastically, making gameplay smoother with each patch.

3. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect

The Star War of video games: Legendary Edition isn’t a new game. It is a remaster of the acclaimed 14-years-old Mass Effect trilogy, cramming all 3 parts into one neat package. Gone is the low FPS, slow loading time, and subpar graphics, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offers a more optimized playing experience for both fans of the original trilogy and newcomers. 

Mass Effect 1

The story is also tweaked and fixed, making the game’s storyline feels linear and watertight, instead of 3 stories being stitched hastily together. This, along with the enhanced graphics, makes Mass Effect: Legendary Edition very close to a cinematic experience. 

In terms of gameplay, hardcore Mass Effect fans can rejoice, as Bioware uses some of the numerous fan-made mods as benchmarks when crafting the Legendary Edition. This is most obvious when it comes to the shorter loading time, as well as better renditions of the game graphics.

Mass Effect 2

Whether you are a devoted fan or a new player, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a must-buy, just because of how iconic it is. For $48.92, even less when you redeem a Kinguin discount code, you can relive the trilogy again this weekend! 

Kinguin discount code

To deal with the inevitable claustrophobia from staying inside for too long, here are 3 action-packed games from Kinguin to get you through your lockdown blue. If you are not a fan of role-playing games, read about other good multiplayer games here instead.