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(2021 Guide) How to Shop from Abroad with Low Budget

You must have tried shopping from abroad at least once. Here are some of our money-saving tips that you can use while ordering overseas.

2021 guide how to shop from abroad with low budget

Coupon Codes and Deals

A useful trick is to search for coupon codes online. You can use various search engines to look for websites that are specialized in providing coupons, such as Coupons Plus Deals.

Our website provides tons of working promo codes that will greatly benefit your shopping needs so make sure to visit our website regularly to look for discounts codes!

coupon codes and deals

You can also try looking for shopping sites that have discounts, promotional programs, and great offers. You will save a lot of money by doing so.

Below are 2 of our suggestions:


BooHoo is one of those sites that frequently offer new promotions and deals for customers. They offer free delivery with boohoo PREMIER when ordering within the UK. Check out their homepage daily to stay updated with the latest offers, promotional programs and even discount codes! Currently, they are having a huge sale of up to 70% discount for all products.

Besides, subscribe to the newsletter and follow the social media of your desired stores as they sometimes release exclusive BooHoo promo codes and promotions from the store.


If you’re looking for the best promotions for your shoes, then Blundstone is the perfect site to go to. Besides, we also provide various tips on how to save money at Blundstone.

Blundstone provides a wide variety of different shoes plus many discount codes and deals to lower your purchase! For example, they offer an amazing promotion of free shipping and returns within the United States. Also, they’re having a 25% discount for clearance styles. Limited time only, make use of this promotion today!

Free International Shipping

free international shipping

There are thousands of online shopping sites that provide free international shipping. You will save a fortune with its help. And they are actually not that hard to find!

And of course, depending on where you live, shipping time may vary. By choosing a store that is near your location, you will receive the order at a much faster time.

One of the popular sites that offer free international shipping is Shein.

Shein provides a Free Flat Rate Shipping on orders over 18,19€. In addition, they also have a 10% discount For Order Over 35,00€ and many more!

Import Tax

import tax

Each item will have a different import tax from country to country.

Before shopping overseas, remember to research your country’s laws on imports from abroad, including the taxes or fees that you will have to pay.

In addition, there are also laws that restrict certain items, and in some cases, they are not allowed to import into your country at all.

For example, the US considers tobacco and alcohol products as restricted items. So if you are living in the US, you will probably have to pay a Federal Excise Tax when importing those items.

Online Marketplaces

online marketplaces

You are probably familiar with Amazon, one of the most popular online marketplaces. You can get almost everything through these marketplaces as they offer one of the most versatile products that no other sites are able to. Besides, other advantages include deals, international shipping, simple payment process, returns, refunds, and many more.


It all depends on where to look for. There are countless discounts and deals on the internet so it might be a difficult task searching for the right ones. With our help, now you can reduce a huge amount to your cart and save lots on your budget.