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2 Must-Have Courses by Madazmoney: The Secret of a Successful Trading

“Max believes that psychology is the key to a trader’s success or failure and therefore he prioritizes the minimization of stress and emotions while trading by making it as fun as possible to calm his nerves as well as entertain his fellow traders with catchphrases such as #TraderNap, #TraderLifestyle, #GettingPaid, #TraderProblems and of course, #BigMacs.”

Max's principal approach to dealing with trading is taking high-rate scalp arrangements for quick benefits, especially at the initial chime. He advocated procedures, for example, the washout long, panic pop short, and the halt and resume washout long, of which he has loads of free content showing these systems at work employing his YouTube channel.

He keeps on depending on trading as his principal type of revenue right up to the present day, making a few times over what he would have made had he stayed at his customary day work as an engineer. He had the greatest year of his trading career in 2020 as he reset his record to $50,000 in May and created more than $4 Million in benefits before the year was over. 

This article unravels the secret of trading by presenting the amazing courses by Madazmoney.  Keep on reading and find how these courses completely change you.

Here we go.

1. Miah Lee's "Core" Approach and Psychology Behind Trading

MADAZMONEY COUPONS & PROMO CODESThis course discusses the five main topics namely; The "Core" - The Key to Long term Trading Success, Trade The Right Play, Miah's Trading Approach, My Ideal SetUps Long & Short, and The Psychological Approach to Trading.

The "Core" - The Key to Long term Trading Success. The key to becoming a successful trader long term is mastering what you can control in the market. There are very few things we can control which makes it crucial to master what we can.  

Specific topics include the following:

  • Lesson 1: Welcome to the Course!
  • Lesson 2: What We Can Control in the Market
  • Lesson 3: Patience, patience, patience…
  • Lesson 4: Discipline
  • Lesson 5: Risk Management
  • Lesson 6: Emotions
  • Lesson 7: Rules...It's What Keeps You Safe!
  • Lesson 8: Q&A -1

Trade The Right Play. There is a lot of noise in the market, in chat rooms, on social media, and websites. How you're going to avoid that and focus on where you're consistent is to break down exactly what you're good at and maximize your performance in that niche.

Specific topics include the following:

  • Lesson 9: Tracking Setups
  • Lesson 10: What Key Elements Need to Align?
  • Lesson 11: Q&A -2
  • Lesson 12: Backtest the Data
  • Lesson 13: Trading Your Set Up
  • Lesson 14: How I Journal My Trades
  • Lesson 15: Statistics

Miah's Trading Approach. How I look at the overall "Big Picture" and how I assess my strategies.

Specific topics include the following:

  • Lesson 16: Q&A - 3
  • Lesson 17: My Trading Approach
  • Lesson 18: The Big Picture
  • Lesson 19: Volume, Range, and Volatility
  • Lesson 20: Know What You’re Trading
  • Lesson 21: Why Is This Ticker Moving?
  • Lesson 22: Key Technical Levels
  • Lesson 23: Trade Plans Can Change…
  • Lesson 24: Managing Risk When Things Go Wrong

My Ideal SetUps Long & Short. This is where I break down what I look for, what I want to see, and how I attack my setups.

Specific topics include the following:

  • Lesson 25: Extension/Exhaustion
  • Lesson 26: Who is Trapped?
  • Lesson 27: Scaling vs Recycling
  • Lesson 28: How to Pyramid
  • Lesson 29: Realistic Profit Targets
  • Lesson 30: Scaling Out and Adjusting Risk

The Psychological Approach to Trading.  Trading is not cut and dry, even if you have a strategy that is tracked, back-tested, and proven to be a viable strategy. You'll need to have an understanding/Idea of what happens behind the scenes and how the big money thinks to increase your edge.

Specific topics include the following:

  • Lesson 31: Knowing What Happens Behind the Scenes
  • Lesson 32: Supply and Demand
  • Lesson 33: Big Money Agendas
  • Lesson 34: Liquidity
  • Lesson 35: Algorithms
  • Lesson 36: Big Money Recycling

“Max I told you from the beginning I sign up here to learn the tape reading skills and I can assure you I’m on the right path cause my eyes are open to another level now, identifying how shenanigans dilute when a tape is weak, when is strong, etc., etc.  I f.cking love this community, thanks a lot for putting all this together and sharing so much valuable info” - eljuanramon2003.

2. How to Effectively Trade And Scale/Size Up In Small Caps

MADAZMONEY COUPONS & PROMO CODESIn this course, it discusses the main topics namely; Day Trading Introduction, How I Prepare For a Typical Day, Short Selling Part 1, Short Selling Part 2, Tracking Data, and 

Day Trading Introduction. How to prepare to be an effective day trader.  The specific topic includes Day Trading Introduction.

How I Prepare For a Typical Day.  My Trading Setup - Pre Trading Routine - Watchlist and more. The specific topics include My Trading Setup - Pre Trading Routine - Watchlist and more.

Short Selling Part 1.  Everything you need to know about my Short-Selling Strategy.  Specific topics include the following; Support/Resistance - Daily Charts, Daily Charts-Live Trading Footage, Intraday Charts, Intraday Charts, and More, and Anticipating a breakdown.

Short Selling Part 2. In this chapter, we will continue learning about my short-selling strategy including Tape Reading, Stops, Targets, and more.  Specific topics include Level 2 Tape Reading Part 1, and Level 2 Tape Reading Part 2.

Tracking Data. In this lesson, you will learn everything about my mathematical trading strategy and how to track gappers every day.  Specific topics include Tracking Data Part 1, and Tracking Data Part 2. 

My Long Strategy. In this lesson, you will be taught how you will trade stocks to the long side.  The specific topic is Trading to the long side - Q&A.

Enroll now in their course offerings.  Courses are typically 3 months or can be longer. You will only be charged for the course one time, with no recurring charges.  Just use the Madazmoney coupon and promo codes. There are a couple of ways for you to get your hands on a working Madazmoney coupon code. You can subscribe to the Madazmoney newsletter service to remain in the loop of any suitable promotions. You can likewise check in consistently with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals, for their collection of active offers, for example, the Madazmoney coupon code. 

“Positive start to the year…thanks to Madazmoney…Just checked stats…£998 gains in January on a small account. 74.1% win rate with 146 profitable trades out of 196….Only started trading 8 months ago and lost 2.4 on my account overall-was all over the place.  Big thumbs up to this room!” - paulmr999.
In conclusion, Madazmoney's courses are truly amazing.  They are taking trading to the next level thus providing everyone the chance to become successful.

“Man, you're changing my life! Started a CP account 2.5 weeks ago w/30K now over 80K! Thank you for all you do! May God continue blessing you.  I’m able to change biases quickly/cut losses and take in the right direction. Your live chats and insight help tremendously” - seminalnut (NoRegretz). 

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