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As the online industry is rapidly growing with hundreds of new online stores entering into the online market which makes the completion between the online stores intensifying. Therefore, online store strives to deliver quality services in order to establish their brand name. is offering its services from years and to maintain its profitability deliver high-quality products and services which exceeds the customers' requirements. To effectively engage customers uses its website and social media platform to interact with its regular customer and also to approach the potential customers. regularly updates coupon on their webpages like the online website and Facebook. So that customer can get benefit from their coupon codes while shopping from their online stores. On website customers can easily find all the required information in the product description, which is considered vital in making a purchase decision. also facilitates its customer by offering payment refund and product replacement option in the case when the customer doesn't like their product. makes continuous efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer. To do so provides special sales bundles on the events like Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, New year etc. in order to beautify the charm of customer celebration through offering discount on their products. These services were considered as effective in developing a strong and loyal relation of customers with the


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