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Customer Reviews About Loctote Products

I M Able: “It was a gift for my daughter- and she loves it. Her wiork locker isn't secured, so she is able to lock the bag to her work table and not worry about wallet and keys.”

Tina_m_e: “Used this while on my cruise and used it at every port we stopped at. Super comfortable to wear. I used it to carry my basics like phone, my Skyroam portable wifi, and some little stuff like sunscreen and wallet. We also used it to put our purchases into since we were buying small stuff and didn't want to carry anything. The only time it felt a little awkward was when I started adding a little too much to the bag (too much shopping I guess lol). The straps are comfy and don't slide and the clip works great for when the bag starts getting heavier (although if you have boobs, I suggest your are very cautious about it's placement). The lock tucks away into the label making it almost non-visible. Everything seems pretty solid and constructed very well, and the color and style means my husband will start wearing it if I buy too much stuff and it gets too heavy. So far, I love it.

PS- Pay not attention to the picture that states it can be cut into. It has a thick durable wire that runs through the strap, so you can cut through the strap but not the wire.”

H. Lee Still: “Perfect lightweight SECURE backpack. It can be locked on it's own or secured to an object. A temporary security solution that would require heavy duty tools to break into. As a consultant I always had to take my computer with me where ever I went, to dinner, to the gym, etc. With this I can lock it in my room and know it will be there when I return. Would I add anything, yes, I would add more interior pockets. Note: It will be stiff when you first start using it but with use it loosens up and works fine.”

62dash: “Purchased for a European vacation due to security concerns. The bag is now a traveling companion for my husband as he is an airline employee. The peace of mine it gives for securing valuables when traveling was great.”

Rebecca B Gross: “I have both bags (the other is that German one). This one feels much more secure, bigger lock, bigger straps, probably a better design all around. It's a bit bigger and heavier, so my hubby uses this one and use the other. Made in America always gets the prize!”

Johnsurf: “Dope bag. Very happy!”

Smokeyoo: “I love the look and feel of it.I love the bag... It is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time easy to travel with.”

Where To Buy Loctote?

Nowadays, you can get great Loctote (Flak Sack Sport and Flak Sack II) from Loctote website. In addition, Loctote partners with retailers & distrubtors, small and big, both online and in-stores all over world including Amazon Launchpad, The Grommet, eBags, Urban Traveller & Co. and Touch Of Modern.

Is Loctote The Best Security Bag For Travel?

Loctote makes for a comfortable back pack or cross body and this bag goes into serious lock down mode, it is not damaged with a knife. It cinches so tight, no sticky fingers are getting in there. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you can use the locking feature to tie the bag to something (think a bench, or a secure fence or heavy furniture), as the result you can leave the bag safely when you get back from you swim.

FLAKnit is their exclusive slash-proof fabric that that's virtually indestructible yet surprisingly soft. In addition, Honeywell's UHMWPE Spectra fiber, the same fiber used in police vests and military gear. Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are covered by this stuff.

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How Much Does Loctote Cost?

Todays, Loctote offers 2 types including Flak Sack Sport and Flak Sack II.

  • Flak Sack Sport is a theft-resistant bag for athletes & active lifestyles. It's the lightest & most water resistant Flak Sack available. It’s like a light-weight portable safe for your valuables. You can get Flak Sack Sport with great price of $99.
  • Flak Sack II is the world's toughest theft-resistant drawstring backpack. It's a backpack & a portable safe, all-in-one. This bag doesn't just carry your belongings, it protects them. You can get Flak Sack Sport with great price of $149.

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