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Cloud VPS SSD5 at 4,790.00 THB

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on HostAtom Coupons

What is is operated by Network Technical System Co., Ltd. We provide a full range of hosting services which have been involved with Server and Network Infrastructure work for more than 10 years with a commitment to want Thailand to provide better and better Web Hosting services when compared to Web Hosting service providers abroad. With this concept, we have tried our best to select quality services for our customers.

Is there a trial package?

We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, which is equivalent to a trial package. If you have already ordered the service You are not satisfied with the use. You can request a refund with our sales department. We originally had a trial package. But found a problem, many people who try to use the system that we provide to do Spam Email, therefore need to stop providing this form of service.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept payment through Transfers via bank account, ATM, credit card, Paypal, and PromptPay. You can check the details of each channel via Payment method details.

Where is the service server installed?

We choose 2 world-class Internet Data Centers to serve customers in Thailand, the first being the Communications Building of Thailand, Bang Rak and the second is Cyber World Ratchada Building, both of which are Thailand's high-speed Internet backbone hubs. To place an order, you can tell us which data center you want us to create your account at.

What is meant by Domain Name?

A domain is a name that is called instead of an IP Address, which is a 16-digit number, making it difficult to remember, so it is replaced by letters. often set as the name of the organization Or the name of the owner of the website, for example, the domain name of hostatom is When you go to our website, you need to visit

There is already a website that uses services elsewhere. Does the host atom provide a data transfer service?

If you already have a website We have a service to transfer data from other service providers. After opening an account You can inform our customer service department right away.

Register a domain elsewhere, host it here. Or can I register a domain here and use another host?

Can be done in both forms because of the Web Hosting service and the domain registration service. It's a separate service. But customers will be more convenient to renew than if they choose to use the same place.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a storage service. Allowing users to bring websites, documents, image files as well as multimedia files. be deposited on a server that is connected with high-speed Internet and online 24 hours a day.

Which Package to choose?

We recommend choosing according to the current usage area, for example, currently using 1.5GB space, you should choose Package Disk Space 2GB. You don't need to buy a lot in case. not yet used.

To create a website, besides Web Hosting, what else is required?

You need three elements to create a website. The first is the Domain Name, which is like the name of your store or the name of your business. The second is Web Hosting, which is like the space you rent to open a business shop. And lastly, the content of your website, whether it be text, images, videos, multimedia files. Which is like an appliance in your shop.

If I already have a website, how can I move to HostAtom?

We offer free data transfer from the old location. You can inform our staff when ordering. You can say that you want the data to be transferred as well.

Who is Reseller Hosting suitable for?

Reseller Hosting is ideal for clients who run a Web Design Business, Web Design Studio, Web Developer, or Online Agency with a large number of Web Hosting clients. This service allows you to serve all your clients through a single Reseller account. No need. Must buy Web Hosting separately, one account for each customer as before.

How is Reseller Hosting better than Shared Hosting when Shared Hosting can add multiple domains?

Reseller Hosting can create a Web Hosting account for customers to be able to log in to use. Your customers will have access to the Control Panel to manage their hosting accounts. For security reasons, each customer will not have access. Or see the website of other customers. Segregation of Web Hosting Account If an account has a problem, we can stop the operation of that account. where other accounts will still work normally.

How is Reseller Hosting better than Cloud Server or Dedicated Server?

In addition to the cost being cheaper, It's worth more. Customers will not have to have the burden of maintaining the server themselves. We believe that for a website development and design business, finding clients and completing each project of a website is difficult enough. We want you to release the burden of maintaining Server and Network Infrastructure. We have to do better.

Why register a domain?

The reason for domain registration is to make the website or your service known more Including creating credibility as well.

Can I transfer my domain from another place to hostatom?

Yes, you can.

What documents are used for domain registration?

If it's .com .net .org, no documents are required for registration. If, use the following documents for registration: For, use one of the following documents for registration: Company registration (Tor.Kor.0401) or Company/Limited Partnership Certificate or VAT registration (Phor. Phor. 20) or Application form for change of VAT information (Phor. Phor.09), or Business registration in Thailand for For organizations, use the same documents as For the general public, You can use your ID card, driver's license, or passport, but you must have a signature to certify the document. For, use a letter of registration of an educational institution or organization. For, use the letter of incorporation or a letter of association or a letter establishing a foundation, etc.

Why does our Email service protect against Spam and Virus better than others?

We provide services as if customers set up their Mail Server. Customers will have their Mail Server, Antivirus, and Anti-spam Gateway, which can set the protection level as they like.

If the email cannot be received - sent What should I do?

You can ask our staff for an inspection. and can fix it. The system that we provide will record the details of every email sent and received, which can be identified as a problem. How did it happen? It happened at our source server or the destination server we sent. so that we can fix it easily.

How good is our email service?

Hostatom's Email Hosting service can (1) get access to your calendar, address book, schedule, and dashboard. You can customize the way you use it, helping you and other users. can manage appointments, contacts, and things to do together, (2) have a storage system and can work together on Cloud, (3) have a security system so you can be confident in the security of your data. and messages both locally and networked, and (4) it is compatible with Symbian, iPhone, Android, or Windows devices with real-time functionality, allowing you to sync contacts, calendars, and tasks across all computers and mobile devices.

I registered with hostatom, who owns the domain?

When you register with hostatom, the domain is registered to your name. So you own 100% of the domain which you can check through whois.

What are the rules for domain registration?

to register that domain The domain name must be the letters az, 0-9, and ampersands โ€“ do not begin or end with the domain name โ€“ and must not contain spaces. The domain name must contain at least 2 characters.

Using another service, can I transfer email data to it?

All email data can be transferred. whether working with other service providers Or using it with a free email service such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server is a virtual server that creates a group of servers that are connected. help to process distributed storage to design a highly reliable system Prevent data corruption The system does not crash easily. Can increase or decrease system resources (CPU, RAM, DISK Space) that are always used.

There are many Web Hosting accounts scattered around. Is there a data transfer service?

There is a free data transfer service. There is no additional cost.

What devices are supported?

Support almost all devices on the market today, whether PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile phone. and all kinds of mobile devices.

How is Cloud Server better than a normal Server?

Cloud Servers are cheaper. And it is more reliable because there are many servers to work together. Cloud Server also reduces the burden of IT administration tasks that need to be maintained and upgraded hardware that is likely to be damaged. and outdated all the time.

Can the Dedicated Server be controlled from another location?

You can control the Dedicated Server all the time because we have a KVM Over IP system to provide server control services up to bios level as if you were in front of the Server itself.

What is SSL?

SSL, short for Secure Socket Layer, is a technology to encrypt data. To increase the security of data transmission on the Internet network. Issued by the provider's electronic security certification body, or the Certificate Authority (CA).

Why SSL?

The reason why SSL is required is because of the following: (1) To create security in receiving - sending information on the Internet network. Because to access the data must be encrypted first, even if the hacker took your data. I can't read the information. Because the information obtained will be in an unreadable format. unless there is an appropriate decryption key. and only match to be read; (2) To protect your important information; and (3) To increase the credibility of your website.

Does SSL work with all browsers?

SSL is available for all browsers.

Can SSL be upgraded?

SSL can't be upgraded. But a new certificate can be purchased and installed on the web server just like the old one.

What can Cloud Server do?

Cloud Server is like a server that can install any operating system. Customers can use the Cloud Server service to apply any work that a normal server can do, for example, Web Server, Database Server, Mail Server, Storage Server, Mobile Application Server, Game Server, business system management. and data processing.

Hostatom will always take care of the Dedicated Server, right?

We have staff and computer engineers in front of the machine for you 24 hours a day.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a service for renting a server for the whole machine. The service provider must prepare the machine and install the operating system. and various programs as the customer required Customers can use all available hard disk space, pre-installed on the server, use CPU and RAM to the fullest. High flexibility in management The operating system and hardware and internal resources can also be freely selected. Most of the time, Dedicated Servers are deployed to sites that need more than 30 million daily visits.

What kind of use is Dedicated Server suitable for?

Able to use Dedicated Server in case (1) It is used in high volumes, (2) Want to install a specific program or hosted special programs, (3) Want privacy and high data security, (4) The machine is used with high efficiency.

Can I own a Dedicated Server?

No, you just rent a Dedicated Server from us. But we will provide technical support. increasing the bandwidth and 24/7 support services.