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14$ Discount
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Felt Like Sharing Coupon: Get $14 OFF on your purchase

Just use Felt Like Sharing coupon code during checkout process to receive $14 off on any challenge.
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Free Shipping
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Free Shipping On All Orders at Felt Like Sharing

Enjoy incredible discounts from this store on all your favorite items. When tomorrow comes, these deals may no longer exist.
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Decorate your sweet home with Felt Like Sharing

Felt Like Sharing is started with the aim of sharing the wonders in life in a unique way. The handmade, premium oak felt letter boards are created to reflect all your life moments. Oak board is both durable and provides a natural warm appearance. You never have to worry about body oils transferring and staining thanks to a preparatory finish. Felt Like Sharing offers you an item that suitable for everybody with liberal spirit. This premium oak felt letter board is also perfect for your friend’ birthday gift, for your sweet home, for your room decoration… See, it’s so lovely, so it can make every place, every corner brighter and more gorgeous. If you google the same letter board, there are a ton of different ones that come up with varying prices, however a bunch of Felt Like Sharing’s item great review will come first. Most of feedbacks give this store winged words and we have truly to say that its high quality commensurates with the cost you will pay. Just only $25-$45 with the help of Felt Like Sharing coupon, you own a memo letter set. Take some pictures with your Felt Like Sharing letter board and show them with us.

Felt Like Sharing’s Return Policy

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let them know right away at: feltlikehelp@feltlikesharing.comwithin (30) days of delivery and they’ll provide instructions for returning your product. To receive a full refund of the purchase price (minus any shipping), all items must be received back in new and unused condition, including the intact letter set. We are glad to pay return shipping costs in the event that the product received is damaged. We may offer partial refunds at our sole discretion. Be in touch with them before returning any products so we both know what to expect before you ship it out. Refunds issued may take up to 10 days to process.

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