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Radio is a name that itself sounds as a conventional and outdated one and it is because of the trends of social media and social media platforms nowadays, but the fact is that there is still a part community that relies on the radio for its entertainment and for the purpose of staying update about the world. By taking this in consider, decided to make promotions using the radio where people are informed about the upcomings of the store in addition to that about the upcoming deals and amazing special offers. takes the help of known DJs’ in its promotions, as the people are intended towards the entertainment and all so this makes sure that they place their ads on the channels which are attractive enough to grasp the attention of major number of audiences. The technique adopted by store is quite simple yet effective enough, the store targets the people of higher age group because its products are related to them and indeed these people spend most of their time of the day on listening radio and also for sure no other way could have been better than targeting the audience via the platforms, they seek entertainment from. If you listen to the radio, you must have listened about the!


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