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Your Bathroom in 2021 Will Thank You For These Items

2021 is halfway through! Do you want to have a clean bathroom without the use of harmful chemicals? Explore three useful bathroom items to transform your bath into a restful retreat.

your bathroom in 2021 will thank you for these items

Modern bathroom devices

Bathroom Assistant

The bathroom assistant is a smart AI software. It can sense, notify you of problems as well as automatically clean your toilet. When you flush to spray eco-friendly cleaning fluid, the bathroom assistant will be activated. It kills bathroom odors, disinfects germs and rust stains immediately.

Also, you can control the amount of water usage of your toilet through their App. If you use more water than it should, the bathroom assistant will track and let you know. It's a great way to save water and the environment as well.

bathroom assistant

The bathroom assistant can place anywhere around the toilet. Put them on top of the tank, on the floor, or attach them to the side of the tank, as long as the spray bar can be connected to the dispenser.

How does the bathroom assistant work?

- Place it anywhere you want

- Add water and cleaning pods

- Create electrolyzed water

- Start automatically cleaning

Cleaning Pod

Cleaning pods are a great option for cleaning your bathroom without wasting much time. They are an all-natural way to clean toilets, sinks, tubs, and more. Cleaning Pods are safe, they contain a full amount of salt, acetic acid (vinegar), and water. They will create the most effective cleaning solution for your bathroom.

cleaning pod

With each bathroom, each pod will last one month. All pods are made from friendly-environment materials, non-toxic, allergen-free, and no more fragrance, so they help your toilet be clean. To use the cleaning pod effectively, make sure you order enough pods for all your bathroom assistants. If you have 2 Bathroom Assistants, you need to order 2 packs to cover your home to get the clean toilets.

Where to buy the bathroom device?

Famous for toilet bowl sanitizer, Shine from ShineBathroom.com is a one-stop place for buying self-cleaning bathroom devices. They are genuinely your bathroom assistant that takes away the mundane task of monitoring, upkeeping hygiene, and cleanliness in your bathroom.

When you get the Shine bathroom assistant, you will get:

- A system of waterline sensor

- An electrolyzed water generator

- A spray bar

All systems work on batteries, and take only one minute to set up. Do you want to get the Shine bathroom assistant? Pre-order now! Each of them is for $124.99 only. You will get 6 free cleaning pods, the Shine device, a rechargeable battery, a spray bar, and a water sensor.

where to buy the bathroom device

Currently, you can get up to 4 Shine bathroom assistants with a $350 discount on your order. For more savings, you can choose the Shine Unlimited Plan, which gives you unlimited cleaning pods, repair kits, and even replacement parts for the same $24.99 a year.

Even more smart auto clean devices are waiting for you, explore them at a super discount price with our ShineBathroom coupon collection. So, why not update your bathroom with a great home assistant but affordable items from Shinebathroom.com right now!

Great hair care items

Antifungal Shampoo and conditioner

For women, hair care is important. Choose a shampoo and conditioner which best fits your hairstyle. The Antifungal shampoo and conditioner are one of the best-seller items at Healthy Hair Plus. They use natural ingredients like Emu Oil and Jojoba Oil, which help heal fungal and bacterial scalp infections. When using this combo product, your hair will reduce damaged areas.

antifungal shampoo and conditioner

The advantage of Antifungal shampoo and conditioner:

- Effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial formulas

- Reduce and soothe itching, inflammation, redness, and irritation

- Clean and healthy hair

- Smells great

Vitamin shampoo

Vitamin shampoo was developed with a special formula for re-nourishing hair. This shampoo contains silk Amino Acid and Protein enriched formula for healthy hair growth. With every time using Vitamin shampoo, your hair looks stronger and healthier. It works fast, jumps all nutrition and natural enzymes that are necessary for hair to grow. Vitamin shampoo has great smells with no harshness.

vitamin shampoo

You can buy more hair care products at the most reasonable price if you find out more Healthy Hair Plus coupons. Your guests will be amazed visiting your house.