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What to Buy to Prepare for the Coronavirus Epidemic + Discounts

As the COVID-19 spreads, shoppers are being advised not to panic-buy. That being said, a little preparation goes a long way. Here’s what you should buy.

In the event of a global pandemic, the best thing to do is minimize the amount that you go outside. This means that you need to have some supplies to last out the months that it could take until the virus subsides.

What to Buy to Prepare for the Coronavirus 1

But what should you buy in such unpredictable times? Tons of toilet paper? Enough boxes of pasta to feed a small Italian village? Box-loads of N95 respirators that medical staff critically need? It can be confusing to know what to buy and what not to buy. Here are some of our suggestions – as well as great discount coupons to save you money.

What to buy in the coronavirus epidemic

First thing is first, you want to make sure that you have at least a weeks’ worth of food in the house – any more than this is overkill, but you should do a good-sized weekly shop. Then you should buy a pump-action shotgun and some... no, just kidding.


Some medical supplies could be difficult to get hold off if supply chains are disrupted, seeing as some of them are produced in countries that could potentially see lockdowns. We recommend that you buy a two or three month supply of any medication that you routinely take.

Use the promo code SAVEMORE at checkout when shopping with CVS Pharmacy to save $20 off an $80+ shop, or $25 off a $100+ shop.

We’d also recommend stocking up on some hand sanitizer, vitamin C, and immune system boosters if you feel it’s necessary. Keeping a healthy immune system is paramount, so eat healthy, exercise, and drink less alcohol.

What to Buy to Prepare for the Coronavirus 2

Discount food shopping

Shop at Walgreens to get free delivery and 10% off your order. You can easily keep your distance and avoid coming into contact with sick people by getting your groceries delivered right to your door. To get the 10% discount, use the promo code NEW10 at checkout.

Keep the Netflix on

Comcast is offering free internet service to selected households that are affected by shutdowns due to coronavirus. Visit their website to find out if your household qualifies.

Dealing with school closures

While not all states and countries have closed their schools yet, most are already considering it. In the event that you or your local government decides to pull your children out of school, there are numerous resources online that can help you make sure they don’t fall behind with their studies.

Free online courses for Pre-K to Grade 6

Go to any of these websites and use the promo code SCHOOL7771 to get courses for FREE.

  • ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy
  • Reading IQ
  • Academic Adventures

Visit Khan Academy: For kids of all ages, you can find a variety of free educational materials that have interactive features to keep your kids up-to-scratch on their studies.

What to Buy to Prepare for the Coronavirus 3

Takeaway discount codes

For those of you who still refuse to learn to cook, there are some great discount codes to get you a tasty discount on an even tastier takeout.

Dominos 50% off: Order a Dominos from now until March 22 and you’ll get 50% off your entire order! Applies to online purchases only.

Chipotle free delivery: Your coronavirus takeout menu grows ever larger with Chipotle offering free shipping on any order made online over $10 for the rest of March. Sit back, relax, and get the food in.

The long and short of it

Things are looking pretty stable right now and the chances that the world will go into some kind of chaos state are slim.

The food supply will no-doubt hold out, although it makes sense to ensure you have enough medicine in your cabinet. Even still, don’t go overboard and remember that everyone else also needs supplies.

This virus shouldn’t change your shopping routine, it should just make you do that routine at most once per week, instead of in several smaller trips like usual. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay calm. And order a takeaway…