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Unlock These Four Wazoo Survival Gear Kits For Your Safety

Read our Wazoo Survival Gear review to help you make the final decision buying four essential kits to deal with problems.

unlock these four wazoo survival gear kits for your safety

Adventure kit

The Adventure Kit is a 23 custom-designed tool survival kit. It is intended to be an ultimate compact survival kit that maximizes space, shape, and function.

As an aid to survival in an emergency, this kit gives you a safe shelter, helps to fight against the harsh weather. It can support you to stay warm and meet basic needs for health and first aid. Moreover, it sends signals to rescuers and helps find a way back for help, in case you get lost somewhere.

adventure kit

Everyday essentials kit

Everyday Essentials Kit contains 15 custom-designed survival tools like a lighter, a knife, a pin, and much more. This small box contains necessary things that you need in order to stay alive if you are in a difficult or dangerous situation.

The Everyday essentials kit fits in the Cache Belt and Cache Cap. It is considered a travel-friendly kit and leaves space for the inclusion of other gear in the Cache Belt.

everyday essentials kit

Water purification kits

This is the most lightweight and capable hydration kit for emergency survival that they have ever made. These ultra-slim tools give you the ability to hold water anytime, anywhere, and purify water whenever you need it.

If you buy the Adventure Water Kit, you will get additional supplies for pre-filtering out any larger debris in the water. Besides, you have a piece of aluminum sheet metal that can be built for your fire into a small windbreak, a flame guard to protect the bag when it boils over coals, and a cup to drink from or a water scoop.

water purification kits

Burnable business card

This is a birch wood fire starter card kit that can be stored anywhere you can fit a credit card or business card.

It has four interesting features

Break: perforated cuts break card into 7 pieces.

Build: assemble into custom-designed kindling fire lay.

Burn: light up a piece of tinder on the platform piece, and place the assembly on top.

Includes: vinyl case & fresnel lens

Burnable business card

How to save on Wazoo Survival Gear Kits

It’s not cheap to buy a survival kit and others, like adventure kits, which cost from $80. Therefore, it is necessary to cut down the original price when you make a purchase at Wazoo Survival Gear.

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