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Top 5 Work From Home Jobs to Have in 2020 in Lockdown

If you’re struggling for work right now due to the coronavirus lockdown, then here are five great jobs that you can do without having to leave the house.

The coronavirus, and the subsequent lockdown that has confined one-third of all humanity to their homes, has practically written off 2020. Let’s face it: this year was over literally before it even began. Still, just because your summer plans have been canceled and you can’t go to work, that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around doing nothing.

We’ve known about the possibility of working from home ever since the internet revolution in the 1990s, but few of us have ever actually tried it before for a sustained period of time. That is, until now. We’ll show you some of the best work from home jobs - as well as point you in the direction of some job coupons to get the necessary skills for a discount price.

Top 5 Work From Home Jobs to Have in 2020 in Lockdown 1

Why not jump in on the action? If you’re now stuck at home with nothing to do - and relying on government help if you’re lucky - then now is the perfect time to experiment with a new job that can be done from home.

Top 5 from home jobs in 2020

The first thing to consider: it’s likely a career change. This could sound daunting - or perhaps liberating depending on how much you like your current line of work. Either way, switching to something new will likely require practice and self-study.

Fortunately, there are tons of online courses that you can do to brush up your skills. Udemy is one such option - they have loads of discount coupons for online courses which you can use to jumpstart your knowledge in a new field. Okay, let’s get right into it!

Top 5 Work From Home Jobs to Have in 2020 in Lockdown 2

Freelance content writer

Welcome to my world. To be a freelance writer is to be the epitome of the ‘gig economy’. Of course, this has its ups and downs and to be a successful freelance writer takes some time - around six-months to a year for most - to get the ball rolling.

If your writing skills and researching skills are on point, then this could be a job for you. You’ll need to learn a bit about digital marketing, as well as SEO and how to write with flair. Master this, and this job could take you anywhere in the world.

Web Developer

Top 5 Work From Home Jobs to Have in 2020 in Lockdown 3

The original ‘digital nomad’ job. Being a web designer comes with a steep learning curve, but once you’ve got the skills under your belt, you’ll stand out from the rest and have the keys to a career that could be worked at from home or from a coffee shop in Tanzania - the possibilities are endless!

This isn’t to be confused with being a programmer per se. Web developers have a simpler role and they don’t need to be fluent in writing code. Their main job is to build, maintain, and fix websites.


Here’s where things get a little more specific. You do need to work hard to learn to code. Programmers use various coding languages to build software, websites, games, and more. It’s one of the most in-demand jobs in 2020.

The great thing about this job is once you’re good enough, you don’t even need an internet connection. You could essentially code offline. That’s useful when dealing with shaky internet connections in some regions of the world!

Digital entrepreneur

The world of retail is very quickly turning to eCommerce. Most people now shop online, so who are all the people behind those shops? Digital entrepreneurs, of course. These are people who have set up online businesses, partake in dropshipping, or offer an online service.

You’ll need a lot of groundwork, but this is a fantastic opportunity to cash in on the future trends in eCommerce.

English as a Second Language Trainer (ESL)

There are 300,000 people learning English in China. Then there’s practically every other country in Asia, South America, and elsewhere. The ESL industry is huge and the need for online English teachers is always growing. Get yourself a TELF certificate with this TEFL discount coupon and begin teaching online - it’s fun, rewarding and can be done from home!