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Three Tips For A Wonderful Skiing Season At Ikon Pass

Winter is coming. Do you have any plans for out-door activities? Ikon Pass is a ticket to help you go out and take some blunt actions of skiing and snowboarding. Spend five minutes reading useful tips before going snowboarding at Ikon Pass.

three tips for a wonderful skiing season at ikon pass

Keep your body warm enough during skiing time

It’s vital to keep good health in outdoor activities, especially in harsh weather. Here are some necessary items you should bring with you when going skiing at Ikon Pass.

Skiing Jacket

You should not "wear casual sports clothes" or you will catch a cold immediately. So be careful to wear special clothes for skiing and snowboarding.

Ski goggles

Winter is so cold, without the ski goggles, you will feel dazzled if you stay outside for even a while. The snow will reflect the sunlight, so the eyes will be very tired and you are prone to dizziness. If you have ski goggles, you will never feel that discomfort.

Gloves for skiing

You should not use plain wool or leather gloves. If the snow seeps in, the hand will be cold and no longer feel. Therefore, you should buy special gloves for skiing with both waterproof and warm features. If there is a fall, the impact can also be reduced.


If you expose your skin to the air, cold air will seep in from there. In cold winter, you should wear scarves with high heat retention. If you use a long scarf, it can be dangerous to wrap it around your neck when you fall.

Wool cap

Your hair may get frozen in cold snowy weather. Remember to bring hats that cover your ears. If it snows a lot, you can wear a ski jacket with a hat.

Have a great choice to ski comfortably

There are two more things that make your skiing season perfect: one is to choose a suitable resort and the other is to have peace in mind while skiing.

have a great choice to ski comfortably

Multi skiing destinations for the best option

Firstly, look through 26 destinations at Ikon Pass and choose the best one for the upcoming winter.

With one easy swipe, you are able to access 26 resorts belonging to The Ikon Pass. It’s going to be better because the owner wants to expand more destinations for multi options. More value will be added for upgrading facilities and satisfying customers’ experience.

Not only does Ikon Pass offer 26 destinations in one pass, it also gives different options for unlimited access to all 26 places. The pass has a full option for $899, and a base option for $599. You can use an Ikon Pass promo code to save the price.

Keep the peace of mind to ski and ride

You will have peace of mind to ski and ride throughout winter if you buy Adventure Assurance. Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass, and the Ikon Session Pass 4-Day are all eligible for Adventure Assurance. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay any fee to take advantage of it. However, if the price changes for each season, you have to pay more for the difference.

Use Ikon Pass promo code to save money

Fee for skiing isn’t as cheap as you imagine. Only a few days left to use the 20/21 Ikon Pass discount to save $100 for each plan. The sale will end up in 14 days. Before it goes away, refer to our coupon page to grasp the biggest dIkon Pass discount. You always have a chance to save money at Coupons Plus Deals.