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The Power of Healthycell Supplements: Everything You Need To Know

“You have the potential to be anything you want.” Fran Watson What does potential mean to you?  Potential is characterized as somebody's capacity to create, accomplish, or succeed.

However, it means nothing if you don’t do anything with it. To arrive at your most noteworthy potential you'll need to dig to get it out. Healthycell Coupon Code will assist you with this.

Healthycell believes in the force of human potential.


Every one of us is brought into the world with it, fueled by the 40 trillion cells that make us. However, arousing it requires ideal wellbeing. It requires taking care of those cells ideally so we can feel better, perform better, and improve healthspan. Really at that time could we at any point experience our generally useful, cheerful, and significant lives.

This article fills your mind with information that unlocks the power of Healthycell supplements.  Let the cells in your brain begin to move as you discharge your maximum capacity.

Here we go.

What is Healthycell?

Healthycell is based on the simple idea that nutrients need to be absorbed into the bloodstream and then into cells where they work to improve health. But most supplements use the same pill-form delivery technologies that were around in the 1930s, back when we were using rotary phones. Their nutrient delivery technologies have not kept pace with the innovation of other industries. 

Decades of lab work show that most pills and even powders have low absorption. These older delivery systems compress dehydrated, large, dense, insoluble particles that are 10x to 100x too big for absorption through the small intestine where the human body absorbs most nutrients. That's why they forced the evolution of nutrition supplements with MICROGEL.

What is a MICROGEL?

HEALTHYCELL COUPONS & PROMO CODESMICROGEL is the next-generation nutrient delivery technology replacing tablets, capsules, and powders. This unique technology, formulated by world-leading nutritional scientists, ensures maximum absorption into the body by releasing extremely small, ultra-bioavailable, soluble nutrient particles in the digestive tract.

What are the Healthycell supplements?

Bioactive Multi. A complete spectrum of ultra absorbable, essential vitamins and minerals, plus phytonutrients and antioxidants, ensure a daily nutrient foundation for optimal health. HEALTHYCELL MICROGEL delivers maximum absorption.

“I have been on Healthycell Bioactive Multi now for 2 weeks and already I can see a BIG difference in my energy level as well as my overall body wellness. I initially bought a single-month package however I will be subscribing.

The science behind this product is all you need to read to know you have made a great choice. The vitamins and minerals are of the highest quality” - Gayla M.Verified Buyer.

Vegan Essentials 

The essential one-a-day multivitamin for plant-based diets. Expertly formulated by physicians and nutritionists, Vegan Essentials contains a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients specifically needed in vegan diets to support your brain, muscles, strong bones, shiny hair, vibrant skin, healthy nails, immunity, and boost energy. Vegan Essentials is made with MICROGEL ultra-absorption technology.

“Really like this product! I've only been using Healthy Cell for a couple of weeks and wasn't sure of the taste at first, but now it's part of my routine and go-to every morning! Generally, I feel really good throughout the day. I learned about Healthy Cell from Chicks on the Right” -Jennifer M.Verified Buyer.

REM Sleep

  • Fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep deep, and achieve REM to wake up refreshed. Support all 4 stages of sleep with calming herbs, amino acids, and ingredients to optimize sleep cycles.


  • “Sleep was incredible. I fell asleep quickly, stayed asleep the whole night, and woke up feeling rejuvenated. Definitely purchasing more to add to my routine!” - Quentin S.Verified Buyer.


  • Boost your brainpower with science-backed nootropics to sharpen focus, concentrate longer, enhance recall, improve mental speed, learn rapidly, and be more alert.

“Great way to boost your mind during intense mental activity or learning.  I use this when needing an extra level of concentration. It does give me a boost. For me, it lasts 3-5 hours which is great for getting through intensive projects for work or at home. The taste is better than I expected. I take it straight from the pouch and find it very convenient to use” - Mike B.Verified Buyer.

Immune Super Boost  

  • Boost your defense with a strong, resilient immune system supercharged by a blend of phytonutrients, including Echinacea and Elderberry, plus vitamins and minerals that support white blood cell count, activate immune cells, promote healthy immune response, and support immune regulation.

“Awesome Vitamins. These vitamins work and you feel the impact immediately. The package is perfect for traveling and taking on the go. Love the option to subscribe to ensure my family always has vitamins” - Branch-Mix F.Verified Buyer.

AM PM Healthspan System.  The only nutrition system that optimizes the “building block” of your body – the cell – with 90+ nutrients 24 hours per day so you can feel healthier, perform better and improve healthspan.

“My search for a new supplement looks to be over. Was searching for a new supplement to replace generic off-the-shelf vitamins. Heard about healthycell on a radio spot. Received a couple of samples and was happy with the results so ordered a month's worth to see how my body would respond. So far I'm very happy with the results. The energy level is higher and sleep is more consistent” - Mike B.Verified Buyer.

AM/PM Nutrition (30-SERV). Optimize the “building block” of your body – the cell – with 90+ phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes to support your healthspan.

HEALTHYCELL COUPONS & PROMO CODES“No regrets about switching to AM/PM Nutrition. I was needlessly concerned that switching to the AM/PM nutrition wouldn't provide me with the same benefits that my previous multiple vitamins did but it has performed exceptionally. My energy levels have not declined and I experience the same deep and restful sleep. I feel it is providing my body with the nutrients it needs, inappropriate doses to boost my overall health” - Catharine M.Verified Buyer.

Telomere Length.  Support the length of your telomeres with bioactive phytonutrients that help maintain telomerase levels, repair cellular DNA, boost nitric oxide, and inhibit homocysteine.

“I've been taking Telomere Length for about a month now, and I have more energy and feel more alert than I have in years. The brain fog is all but gone, although that might be due to a combination of Telomere Length and Focus + Recall. I'm seeing positive results and will reorder again. I also take AC-11 for DNA repair” - Roni K.Verified Buyer.

AC-11 Extract.  Support your healthspan by enhancing your body's natural ability to repair DNA, clear out damaged cells, limit "inflammaging" and enhance immune function - four powerful anti-aging functions critical to health as you age.

“I am using this product with the bioactive multi and I am feeling so much better. I love to work with natural products and keep chemical components in my life to a minimum” - Hill, C.Verified Buyer. 

Is Healthcell fit for me?

Healthycell is for people on the cutting edge; people who can always find the best of the best. It's for smart people who do their research. It's for proactive people, taking control of their health, setting the course for a productive and secure future. It's for people who are going places. It's for people who never stop dreaming of a better future. It's for people who want to reach their potential.

Are they safe to take?

They take their products, their families take their products, and their friends take their products, so you can be confident they are of the highest quality. All of the products are made in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant facilities inspected by the FDA. They want you to feel as safe and secure as they do, so they complete independent product testing way beyond the industry standard and make it publicly available upon request. They test all their products to ensure they meet label claims and are free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, residual solvents, and more.

What makes their products unique from other supplements? 

Our planet has a problem and they're determined to be part of the solution. They're committed to protecting nature so it can keep providing for us and our future generations. At Healthycell, they use only sustainably harvested ingredients and box packaging that is 100% recyclable through your local municipal recycling program. Their gel packs are recyclable through their partnership with Terracycle. Customers can send back their empty gel packs free of charge to be recycled.

Do they have good taste?

Upgrade to the first pill-free experience that delivers the nutrients you need without the vitamin taste. Enjoy straight from the gel pack, add to a drink, or blend in a smoothie.

HEALTHYCELL COUPONS & PROMO CODESAre the products 100% bioavailable?

Science has proven that nutrients must be soluble (dissolvable in water or oil) to be absorbed. Our breakthrough nutrient delivery system releases extremely small, soluble, ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles in the digestive tract. From there, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and then into cells where they work to improve health.

Are they natural?

Produced exclusively in the USA from premium ingredient sources. MICROGEL is a more natural way to supplement the diet by eliminating the need for synthetic binding blues, fillers, coatings, and anti-caking agents listed as "other ingredients" in many pills and powder supplements.

How do the supplements work?

Fat-soluble nutrients are dissolved in natural oil and water-soluble nutrients are dissolved in water.  The nutrients are mixed with natural emulsifiers to create a fully-soluble, stable emulsion.  Micelles form, encapsulating nutrients for maximum absorption. 

Natural ingredients are added to form a gel matrix.  High-shear mixing forms microgel particles that hold micelles and other solubilized nutrients.  The gel releases the fully-soluble nutrients in the GI tract for maximum absorption.

In conclusion, Healthycell guarantees that supplements are consumed into the circulatory system and afterward into cells where they work to further develop wellbeing. The MICROGEL ensures the greatest retention in the body by delivering minuscule, super bioavailable, solvent supplement particles in the gastrointestinal system in this manner, feeding those cells optimally so one can feel better, perform better, and improve healthspan.

“I have a problem with the coating on pills. The gel has solved that problem. The gel packs are tasty, and we both take them at dinner time. We enrolled in the monthly delivery program. We got started five days ago and feel like we have more energy late in the day. We are in our middle seventies and still raise our cattle. The extra energy is wonderful. The quality of this product is excellent, and we would highly recommend it. We saw your ad on Steve Grubers' show on Dish channel 216” - Larry G.Verified Buyer.

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