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Some Amazing Truths About Scholastic Book Club-Something That You Should Not Miss To Know

Let me begin with the words of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States, which states, “Children are our most valuable resource.” I genuinely believe that if children are most valuable, we need to give them the greatest gift of this world that sharpens their imagination- the books. As they grow up, children will discover the wonders of this world.

David Waitley, a well-known motivational speaker, said, “I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!”  It is in this connection that Scholastic Book Club becomes necessary in the pursuit of their dreams. In this article, I will introduce to you some great truths about Scholastic Book Club.  
Below are the great truths that anyone should not miss about Scholastic Book Club.


What is Scholastic Book Club?

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB COUPON & PROMO CODESScholastic is the world's biggest distributor and wholesaler of children's books, connecting educators and families through accessibility, commitment, and expertise. It is a leading supplier of literacy curriculum, professional services, and classroom magazines and a maker of educational and popular children’s media. Scholastic is presently in 115,000 schools, reaching 3.8 million educators, 54 million students, and 78 million parents/guardians locally.


In 1948, Scholastic modernized the approach to books and brought reading to the majority. It was the birth of the Scholastic Book Club. It furnishes the families with a reasonable and helpful way of getting the best children's literature into their homes. Each issue contains curated, age-proper titles that have been painstakingly chosen and leveled by a devoted group of expert booklovers. It is only school-based and offers teachers and guardians a simple way of buying the best children's books at low costs. They are just accessible through classroom, day-care, and home-school teachers.


“Teachers are on the front lines of ensuring that all children from all backgrounds have access to affordable books they will love to read and learn to see themselves as readers—which is non-negotiable in our democratic society,” says Judy Newman, President, and Reader-in-Chief of Scholastic Book Clubs. 

 Most individuals don’t consider the process of learning to read until they decide to begin homeschooling their children.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB COUPON & PROMO CODESLearning to read is not a ‘natural process that occurs on its own, contrary to popular belief. It’s a complicated one that necessitates the appropriate teaching of phonics (understanding the relationship between letters and sounds) and phonemic awareness, among other skills and tactics.

The good news is that, while reading is a difficult process in and of itself, the methods required to develop these skills are rather easy and straightforward. Try these simple and time-tested ways to teach kids how to read and make it a happy and gratifying experience.

Scholastic Book Clubs have made discovering the joy of reading a treasured childhood memory. The monthly catalogs are filled with the best children’s books for each grade, handpicked with love by Scholastic editors and literacy experts, providing Book Club teachers with a useful resource for suggesting books that match each student’s interests and reading level and providing parents with an easy and affordable way to order the right books that their kids will love.


Additionally, Book Club instructors receive FREE Books and classroom supplies with every order, making it simple to expand your school collection. Read more...

What resources can you access through the Scholastic Book Club?    

You will get a copy of TE (Teacher's Essentials) for each issue, giving you valuable, up-to-date classroom resources at markdown costs. Materials are frequently assembled under special or seasonal subjects to help your planning of particular topics. Likewise, you can earn and spend Scholastic Rewards with each purchase from the School Essentials online store. It is a one-stop-shop featuring thousands of exciting products covering all your classroom needs, including education resources, teacher reference, classroom electronics, playground equipment, and considerably more.

What are Scholastic Rewards, and how can you earn them?    

Scholastic Rewards make it simple for you to acquire FREE books and educational products for your classroom. Book Club orders earn a level 20% in Scholastic Rewards. The Scholastic Rewards you earn with each request is automatically added to your record. You can check your reward balance online at bookclub.scholastic.co.nz , or by calling Customer Contact on 0800 266 525.

How do you spend your Scholastic Rewards?    

You can utilize Scholastic Rewards on items from Scholastic Book Club and the School Essentials index. Use them in the following Book Club offer or save them over the year. In any case, kindly observe that Scholastic Rewards expire a year after they are purchased.

How do you run a Book Club?    

It's simple. Eight times each year, you will accept your Book Club requesting materials. If not, call 0800 266 525 to demand catalogs for your group—appropriate Club catalogs to your students. Put in your request online at bookclub.scholastic.co.NZ or by telephone by calling 0800 266 525.

How do you place a Book Club order?    

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB COUPON & PROMO CODESYou can put in a Book Club request online, by mail, or by telephone. Many teachers hand out the following Book Club lists when the book shipment shows up when interest in reading is at its pinnacle. For online, you can submit your request online by going to book club.scholastic.co.nz. For telephone, you can call toll-free on 0800 BOOK CLUB/0800 266 525. For mail, you can put in a request and send your request and checks payable to Book Club Scholastic New Zealand, Private Bag 94407, Botany Auckland 2163. 


Coupons Plus Deals, through its team, will not only facilitate your orders but also have a source of Scholastic Book Club coupons and promo codes that offer great discount codes.  The top 3 first coupons are usually verified by their team to save your time: The Scholastic Book Club discount codes will surely surprise you. You can take 20% off on your order.  Coupon codes also offer 25% off during Black Friday.


It does not end there. Scholastic Book Club accepts coupon code submissions for many stores. You can see its Contact Page for more details and to submit your discount. You can only use one coupon code per order. You should apply the code that gives you the best deal.

Check out the Scholastic Book Club's new coupons.  They are released throughout the month for more discounts. You can especially find great coupons on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.


In conclusion, Scholastic isn't just successful in reforming the approach of books to be accessible to the majority. It has been instrumental in getting the best kids' literature into their homes. “Over the past seven decades, Scholastic Book Club has evolved to make sure all classroom teachers, who are often strapped for resources, can do their jobs to get great books into their students’ hands, build relevant classroom libraries, and inspire independent and family reading. On Scholastic’s 100th birthday, we celebrate the timeless value of Scholastic Book Clubs as a unique classroom program and an inspiring, relevant, and invaluable partner to all teachers and the students and families they serve.” 

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