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Skype or Zoom: 4 Things That Make Zoom Superior In Every Way

Currently, Zoom becomes a popular Skype alternative as the video conferencing software for multiple platforms. Why is that? Learn more about 4 reasons here!

Skype or Zoom

Why are people using Zoom instead of Skype?

The quality of Skype video and audio is the main reason making Skype users start switching to similar alternative options like Zoom. While Microsoft adds and designs new features, Zoom focuses on the struggles of its users including high-quality audio and video calls, recording, and sharing your conversations. 

Why are people using Zoom instead of Skype

After providing good sound quality, this video calling app also offers a useful and beauty filter to improve skin tone and reduce blemishes. You can customize your backgrounds with virtual features to cover the clutters including running pets and children. 

With important improvements, Zoom ranked on top of the free apps list on the App Store. Additionally, Zoom becomes a good app with a lot of users because of 4 reasons in the next part.

4 undeniable reasons to try Zoom

1. Great app during Pandemic

When the Coronavirus pandemic spread, we had a new concept called "Work from Home" to bridge the communication gap. So, Zoom wins the top position for video conferencing platforms during the quarantine.

Great app during Pandemic

To score this result, Zoom allows the host to split participants into different rooms similar to colleagues in different departments at workplaces. All employees also can discuss and collaborate with teammates depending on the host's permission.

Zoom maintains the connection of a world conference for up to 100 attendees within a free 40-minute. This application is also used in education because it's extremely easy to use even by users who are kindergarten or primary school students.

2. Effective Features

When choosing Zoom, you will get a pack of features such as video webinars, integrated scheduling, and group collaboration. This meeting platform contains powerful features like premium audio, cloud, and local recording.

Zoom is a good ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises because it offers premium video conferencing solutions with better sound quality.

3. Support Integrations

Zoom gives users a chance to get integrations such as Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, LTI, and more. This is considered as one of the most concerns of users when choosing a meeting platform.

Below are integrations supported by Zoom:

  • Google Drive, Pardot, and DropBox

  • Firefox and Acuity Scheduling

  • Microsoft Active Directory and Eloqua

  • Hipchat, HubSpot and Infusionsoft

4. Affordable Pricing

Zoom is the best video conferencing software today because its Basic version is free and offers unlimited 1:1 meetings. For more participants, Zoom also allows unlimited meetings for more than two participants within 40 minutes. 

Affordable Pricing

The free version provides cool features such as

  • HD video and voice features

  • Virtual background

  • Join by phone capabilities

  • MP4 or M4A local recording

  • Chrome and Outlook plug-ins

  • Online 24/7 support

You also can upgrade to 3 premium plans like Zoom Pro Plan, Zoom Business Plan, and Zoom Enterprise Plan to enjoy more features. For more detail about other features, you can read at "Zoom Meeting - Virtualize your business meeting". These features help Zoom become the most popular apps and dominates the market.

From $14.99/month, you can try a good platform for work. You also can save $400 when choosing annual plans. Currently, Zoom releases a discount code of 25% OFF on all plans. It's time to redeem it for free on Coupons Plus Deals.

Give Zoom a try and save money as much as possible with a Zoom coupon code!