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PODS vs U-Haul: And The Winner for Best Moving Service Is?

Moving house is more stressful than getting a divorce. Yet, with moving services, your next moves won’t trigger a headache. PODS and U-Haul? Which one deserves consideration? Follow this blog and decide.

PODS vs U Haul

1. Delivery

PODS is a full-service mover which provides only one choice for shipment - door-to-door home delivery. It saves your time and eliminates the need to rent a truck.

If you prefer driving your own car, then U-Haul offers multiple options to choose from: Home Delivery, Self-Delivery, Full-Service Delivery and Load, and Access at U-Haul Location.

2. Insurance

With PODS, you can choose between two forms of insurance:

  • Container Only Option: covers any damage to the container while it’s on your property

  • Contents Protection Option: covers any damage to the container or items in your container. (From $5,000 up to $300,000 of coverage)

While with U-Haul, you have the following options:

  • Safemove (for moving trucks): covers damage waiver, cargo coverage, and medical-life coverage. 

  • Safemove Plus (for moving trucks): covers damage waiver, cargo coverage, medical-life coverage, and one million dollars in liability coverage. 

  • Safetow (for U-Haul rental trailer or towing device): covers damage waiver, towed property protection, medical / life protection.

  • Safestor and Safestor Mobile: covers loss or damage for your stored goods from major perils from fire, hurricanes to burglary, leaking water and more (from $1,000 to $20,000 of coverage for your containers and possessions inside.)

3. Live Loading

Both these two moving services will give you as much time as you want to pack up your container. If you’d like help packing or unpacking your container, you can add U-Haul Moving Help or PODS Packing and Loading Help during or after your reservation.

Live Loading

You are free to load a PODS container and keep it at home, in your driveway, or have it picked up and delivered to the PODS Storage Center - perfect for people living in big cities with limited parking space. Whereas, U-Haul U-Box can suit anyone’s need as its containers can be placed in any legal parking spot. 

4. Containers Size 

PODS containers are made of sturdy metal and come in three different sizes: 7,12, and 16-foot containers. Their containers all are weatherproof, with a weight limit of up to 5,200 lbs. Each can hold up to 4 rooms of furniture.

Containers Size

U-Boxes are made of wood, each comes with a weather-resistant cover. U-Box can hold 1 to 1.5 rooms of furniture with a weight limit of 2,000 lbs.

5. Price flexibility

PODS prices include the PODS containers, delivery drop-off and pickup, and shipping to your destination, all at favorable prices. Whatever services you use, always remember to use PODS promo code to get discounts on their already-low prices!

Price flexibility

However, you’d better calculate and reserve only the correct number of PODS containers you need, as you’ll be charged for what you order even if you don’t use all of them. Plus, an extra PODS container costs much more compared to that of U-Haul. 

At U-Haul, the pricing is more flexible. You only have to pay for what you use, no matter how many boxes you order - you’ll get a refund for the ones you don’t use. Also, getting a quote from U-Haul is always reviewed as quick and easy.

In short, U-Haul seems to be a wise choice for small moves while PODS containers seem to be more durable and secured for far and large moves, and PODS insurance options are better for moves with a bunch of valuables. 

So, U-Haul vs PODS, which one wins? It depends. Sometimes, it’s not all about which one is the best but which one best suits your needs and budget. Compare and pick your side.