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Planet Fitness BLACK CARD membership: 5 great reasons to upgrade your tier today!

Planet Fitness offers Black Card Membership with great perks at a friendly wallet price. Is it worth trying? Follow this post to know 5 reasons to upgrade it today!

Planet Fitness BLACK CARD membership

What is the Planet Fitness Black Card?

The PF Black Card is one of the membership types of Planet Fitness loading you with awesome benefits. Thanks to this power "card", you can freely enjoy all activities at any club on their  2000+ locations worldwide.

What is the Planet Fitness Black Card

If you want to stay healthy and active, give Planet Fitness a try to get more enjoyable at the gym. The Planet Fitness Black Card can boost your workout experience, and it only costs from $22.99 per month (depending on your desired club)! 

Learn more about the 5 benefits of the Planet Fitness Black Card below!

5 Reasons to Try Planet Fitness Black Card

1. Unlimited Access to Home Club

When you own a black card membership, you have a great "unlimited right" to access any location nationwide at any time. However,  if you are joining a club that's not a part of your home club,  you have a maximum of 10 visits per month. 

Unlimited Access to Home Club

2. Unlimited Guest Privileges

Having a workout partner is a good way to keep you accountable and improve your results. Understand that, Planet Fitness allows you to bring a guest every time to create a fun working out time! This offer is available for all customers who have a Planet Fitness Black Card.

However, your guest can't use facilities like the tanning bed, they can only use the workout equipment.

3. Unlimited Use of Facilities 

Unlike the basic membership, Black Card gives a great chance to enjoy high-quality equipment at Planet Fitness like massage chairs, tanning beds, and hydromassage.

Unlimited Use of Facilities

  • Massage Chairs

After a strength workout, you deserve a healthy treat with massage chairs at every gym club. Thanks to this chair, you can finish your workout with a relaxing time in a massage chair. It also improves sleep, relieves muscle, and reduces stress.

  • Tanning Beds

Enjoy their tanning beds to show your beauty and healthy body after doing your gym routine! This will be the best experience at a gym club!

  • Planet Fitness Hydromassage

Planet Fitness is very proud of its hydromassage system because this special bed is a smart device to relax, rejuvenate and restore. The Black Card membership contains this hydromassage unit, of course

Unlimited Use of Facilities 1.

4. Half-Price Cooler Drinks

Staying hydrated is very important for your health, especially when working out. Planet Fitness offers cool beverages. Moreover, they provide 50% off for cooler drinks for those who choose the Black Card option, but restrictions may apply for some areas.

5. Discounts on Reebok Items

20% off is a special benefit for Planet Fitness Black Card members. Reebok.com is your one-stop-shop for high-quality workout wardrobes like leggings and sweat-wicking tops.

Furthermore, you also get all the benefits such as free WiFi, free fitness training, and 24/7 access to your primary Planet Fitness location. 

Depending on your location, the price to join the Black Card plan will be changed. However, you will always get the lowest price if you have a coupon code. Accessing Coupons Plus Deals to  find the latest discount of Planet Fitness.

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It's time to score the best deal from Planet Fitness promo codes!