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Omari MC Review: Is it 100% Organic Promotion?

Have you heard about the music promotion service? It's the best way to score a music promotion deal at a dirt-cheap cost. Omari MC isn't a bad choice for you! Why? Follow this post to understand.


Who is OmariMC.com?

Omari MC is considered the leader in the field of promoting music for marketing because they have a strong network of musicians and fans alike. OmariMC.com offers not only music promotion but also creates blog posts, music marketing courses, and eBooks. Therefore, you can get valuable information to join the music industry. Currently, they have more than 40 million followers on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, to Soundcloud. By becoming the best music promoter, they are promoting and marketing the music of over 6000 artists.

What are the key features?

Eliminate explicit content

OmariMC.com will refuse music products containing violence, indecent clothing, drug abuse, or explicit content. However, if you also can send a note to explain your content, then Omari MC will review it one more time.


Large audience

When choosing Omari MC Promotion, you can enjoy a music service with a massive following from an extensive network. Want more followers on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram? You will get them all at Omari MC Network.

Free eBook

Looking for articles about marketing music and other educational materials? Omari MC provides a free copy of 'The Unconventional 6-figure Music Business' for you when choosing this website to promote your product.

Diverse genres

OmariMC.com allows you to use any genre of music to produce your products, which they will then promote.

What makes OmariMC.com special?

Bulk Discounts: Score a massive discount when you order three or more packages on Omari MC. Free equipment: When choosing any promotion packages, you will get a free eBook to equip you with effective tools to support your R.O.I. Organic promotion: Want to get real followers? OmariMC.com only provides actual people to follow and play your music. They say never with bot plays. Quick responses: Your campaign will kick off after 1 to 3 business days from the day of purchase. Omari MC will promote on several social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and SoundCloud, OmariMC.com coupons: Not only do they provide great promotion packages, but Omari MC also brings moderate costs thanks to OmariMC.com discount programs. You can find lots of discount information on our Coupons Plus Deals.

How much does OmariMC.com cost?

Depending on social media, OmariMC.com offers specific price as below

Promotion Package Pricing
Spotify Promotion
  • 50k playlists placement: $77
  • 100k playlists placement: $147
  • 250k playlists placement: $357
  • 500k playlists placement: $657
  • 1 million playlists placement: $1.297
  • 1.5 million playlists placement: $1.797
YouTube Promotion
  • Bronze: $77 for 2K-5k plays
  • Silver: $147 for 4k-15k plays
  • Gold: $357 for 9k-35k plays
  • Platinum: $657 for 16k-70k plays
  • Emerald: $1297 for 30k-150k plays
  • Diamond: $1797 for 50k-300k plays
Soundcloud Promotion
  • 1.25 million followers: $77
  • 2.5 million followers: $147
  • 10 million followers: $357
Instagram Promotion
  • 250k followers: $77
  • 500K followers: $147
  • 1.25 million followers: $357

If you are stuck wondering what service you should use to promote your music, Omari MC Promotion is a worthy idea. Don't forget to use Omari MC coupons to save your pocket!

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