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Made in the 90s: 7 Shirts That All 90s Kids Own At Least One

The 90s have great music, great TV shows, and great everything else, many of which are still greatly appreciated today. So why not flaunt that awesomeness through these Teepublic 90s-themed shirts that we all own at least one.

Made in the 90s

1. Friends’ quotes shirt

Friends quotes shirt

The show that took the world by storm, Friends is still regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. We all wish we could be there in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, partaking in the group hijinks and mishaps, or tearing our hair out over the will-they-won’t-they struggle between Ross and Rachel.

Numerous references from the shows are still being put on t-shirts today, and people still get where they are from!

2. Your Tamagotchi memorial shirt

Your Tamagotchi memorial shirt

Tamagotchi may have been a thing of the past, but when they first came out, everyone wanted to adopt one, literally begging their parents to do so. Unfortunately, these tiny keychain pets are high maintenance and would die if you miss feeding them or cleaning up their poop just once. And boy did we forget a lot!

3. The Spice Girl and their zigazig ha!

The Spice Girl and their zigazig ha

Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby, and Ginger made up the biggest girl band of the 90s. Still selling out concerts even during their last reunion tour, the Spice Girls still have us all wondering what exactly “Zigazig ha!” means. 

With some of the catchiest bops in the history of pop music, it’s in no way lame to wear your Spice Girls shirt with pride!

4. Bayside Tiger’s gym shirt

Bayside Tigers gym shirt

While the 90s’ nostalgia and reboot fever hasn’t quite touched this show, Saved by the Bell is still a loved sitcom about teen lives. Weeks after weeks, we raced in front of the TV on Saturday morning to watch the (often mis)adventures of the gang. 

A shirt with the name of the mascot Bayside Tiger is more than enough to show off your Bayside High school spirit with the gang.

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

It’s the show that makes us all wish we had rich and upper-class relatives that would take us in when we were in trouble. Will Smith (yes, that Will Smith) is super relatable as the bratty and street smart West Philly kid trying and often failing, not to clash with his relatives’ upper-class world. 

The show is also known for tackling social issues like drug abuse, gambling addiction, and racial identity even before being “woke” was a thing. A Bel-Air shirt will certainly bring out your inner Philly streetsmart kid. 

6. Seinfeld


The blueprint to many sitcoms, Seinfeld is often hailed as the most influential sitcom of all time. Focusing on the lives of Seinfeld and his 3 best friends, the show spawned so many expressions that we still use today. 

The best part about Seinfeld: Even after 20 years, many of the show one-liners have never gone out of style and end up as catchphrases in the American vernacular. So be a cultured man or woman and put on a Seinfeld shirt right now!

7. The Macarena 

The Macarena

Every 90 kids knows the Macarena, without even needing to look it up on TikTok or YouTube. Instead, it was embedded into our minds after hours of watching MTV and imitating the movies shown on TV. And then it’s the matter of imitating one another at dance parties. 

The dance might seem silly now but it was the coolest thing at the time. But if busting out those ridiculous hand moves is too embarrassing for you, putting on a Macarena t-shirt should be just fine.

The 90s are definitely making a comeback in pop culture. And 90s-themed shirts have never been so in before!  So why not flaunt that awesomeness through these Teepublic 90s shirts that we all own at least one, now cheaper with a Teepublic coupon code.