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Impress Every Guy On Your Date With These Tips For Shoes

Research shows each woman has approximately 30 different pairs of shoes. For our first date, we spend so much time picking out the perfect outfit yet forget an important part - the shoes! Shoes can say a lot about your personality. Take a look at some suggestions.

impress every guy on your date with these tips for shoes

Choose a style for a date

Before choosing shoes, you should consider what you do on this day. Choose your outfit first, then select footwear that mix-match with them. You want to feel comfortable, but you don’t want underdressed either.

For women, there are many shoe styles you can select. With a night party or formal event, heels are perfect for dressing up your look. You can get a bit of extra height that can boost your confidence. If you are worried about walking a lot, choose a pair of block heels or wedges. It’ll provide more support and comfort than a stiletto. Besides, for more casual dates, select a flat shoe in the summer and a pair of long flat boots in the winter.

choose a style for a date

Wear footwear makes you feel good

If you still do not know which shoes to choose, focus on the ones that make you most comfortable and confident. Don't choose shoes that aren't right for you just because it's sexy or trendy. Remember, making yourself comfortable is the best way to look good!

Make perfect shoes

No shoes can look great without clean and polish beforehand. You can clean leather shoes with a specialty shoe polish or cream. Shop specialized shoe cleaning tools, so that your shoes are always beautiful and perfect.

All women, if you choose open-toed heels or sandals, don’t forget that lovely pedicure! You’ll look more beautiful and fashionable in your boyfriend's eyes.

make perfect shoes

Select good-quality shoes

No one wants the first date to be affected by problematic shoes. Of course! A good quality shoe gives you more confidence to use, you don’t worry about problems you may face. SAS Shoes offers a variety of shoe styles that fit with you. They use advanced technology to provide you with long-lasting comfort shoes and handbags, so you can easily mix with your outfits.

Understanding customer’s needs, they show many discount programs including tons of SAS Shoes promo coupons. Applying a great SAS Shoes coupon when checking out can help you possibly shop at a lower price.

select good quality shoes

Make your first date impressive! Don’t miss a great chance to select fashion and trend shoe style with SAS Shoes discount!