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How to Save Money with IKEA Discount Coupons – Smart Shopping

IKEA is ideal for cheap furniture – and you can make it even cheaper by knowing how to take full advantage of IKEA discount coupons to save money when shopping.

IKEA is the king of furniture and home appliances. There’s something almost soothing about looking through IKEA products and deciding which ones to kit your home out with. The sheer simplicity of IKEA’s collection lends itself to the modern home in a way that few other companies can match.

If you’re about to go on an IKEA spending spree, then pay attention to the information in this post and you could wind up saving yourself a nice chunk of cash. From discount coupons to promo codes and rewards, our list of ways to save money when shopping at IKEA will have you pouring through their website planning your next refurbishment.

How to save money when shopping at IKEA

IKEA is cheap and simple. That being said, anyone who has ever spent longer than an hour walking around an IKEA store knows how quickly you can tally up a massive bill on essential home items like houseplants, funky coffee tables, and coffee raids.

In fact, anyone who has ever spent longer than 20 minutes in a Poundland or Dollar Store can attest to how quickly the little costs add up. Here are a few effective ways to get around this at your favorite Swedish furniture outlet.

Join the IKEA Family

You can join the IKEA Family Program for free and this gives you discounts on a wide range of products in the store, as well as price protection on your purchases and early warnings about upcoming sales. In fact, you can even get a free coffee out of it in those comfy little in-store cafes. It’s free – what’s not to like?

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Check online for IKEA discount coupons

There are always loads of IKEA discount coupons and promo codes to be found online. Simply search through coupon websites to find offers like 25% off self-assembled furniture, 20% off member discounts, and 25% off your first purchase with a store credit card.

There are tons of discount vouchers and coupons available for IKEA, so make sure that you’re taking full advantage of them.

Check the store website for local deals

Every IKEA store can offer its own deals and discounts. You can find IKEA discount coupons and promo codes on the store’s own website and use them to get money off.

These deals are frequently aimed at the restaurant/café in store, as well as selected collections of furniture and home appliances. Make sure you spend the time to have a look before heading out – or just use the free Wi-Fi to check when you’re in the store.

Join IKEA’s Moving Program

The IKEA moving program offers a $25 voucher on purchases of more than $250. It’s free to sign up and there aren’t any obligations. The moving program is also really handy if you actually are moving house, so bear that in mind, too.

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Check the As-Is room

Most IKEA stores have a discount room called the As-Is room. This is full of returned, slightly damaged, or otherwise unfit for display products that can be snatched up at a bargain price. There’s usually nothing really wrong with the products, so it’s a great way to get a good deal.

Consider buying cheaper items and touching them up later

You don’t have to get the priciest things in the store – sometimes, you can simply buy a cheaper item and give it a lick of paint when you get home. For extra special results, try stressing the paint job afterwards to make it look vintage. It’ll save you money and give you something to do on a sleepy Sunday!