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How to Save Money Booking Flights Online – Great Coupon Deals

Who doesn’t want to get the best deal when booking flights online? Here’s how to use discount codes and coupons to save money when booking flights online.

Flying is one of the most expensive things that we do – but it doesn’t have to be. There are now more ways to save money when booking flights online than ever before. You can take advantage of great discount coupons, comparison sites, and a couple of insider tricks of the trade to get the best deal possible for your next vacation or business trip.

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Wherever you’re planning on heading for your next trip, make sure that you’re using some of our top tips for getting a better price at checkout.

How to save when booking flights

First thing is first, the average price of your flight will obviously have something to do with the time of year and where you’re flying to. For a guaranteed good deal, try booking in the off season – this will save you money on hotels, as well. If you’re committed to the time of year you’re flying, then you can still make some big savings by using the following tricks.

Check comparison sites and airline websites

We’ve all become pretty accustomed to booking flights through comparison platforms like Skyscanner and Expedia – and sometimes this can be to our detriment. You will occasionally find deals on airline websites that didn’t make it through to the comparison site.

Use services like Skyscanner to figure out which airlines are flying your chosen route, then head over to the airline websites to see if you can get a better deal.

Book midweek

This is an old trick, but it still applies. Most people book flights on the weekend, so by booking midweek, you can generally save some cash.

Considering airlines know that Tuesday and Wednesday aren’t popular days to fly, they’ll often release their sales early on Tuesday morning, prompting competing airlines to match them the following day.

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Always check the whole month

Most comparison websites have an option to see prices for the whole month. Be flexible with your dates and you could save hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, flying one day will cost you $250, while the next day will be $800. It’s always worth checking the whole month to be flexible.

Consider making your own route

If you don’t mind having stop off en route to your destination, then it can be worth booking separate flights to get to where you need to go. For example, if you’re flying Paris to Bangkok, then you’ll have the option to stop off somewhere like Dubai for a cheaper price.

What makes this even cheaper is if you do the transfer yourself by booking a flight to Dubai, then a separate flight to Bangkok, or even somewhere else and then to your final destination. This is more hassle, and you’ll likely need to go through check in again during your transit stop, but it can save you a lot of money.

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Search for discount coupons

The internet is awash with great discount coupons for booking cheap flights online. You can search for coupons via Google, or use a coupon-finder browser extension like Honey to do a more thorough search before you checkout.

Oftentimes, the airline will have promo codes for cheap flights that just aren’t being posted all over the place. It’s worth taking the time to look…

Save money when booking flights

If you want to save big money when booking flights or shopping online, then check out our post on ‘How to find coupons for almost everything you buy.’ Start making big savings now and put them towards your next vacation!