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How to Find Discount Coupons for Almost Anything You Buy

Want to save money on practically anything you buy online? Here’s the low-down on how to find discount coupons for any online retailer – including Amazon.

Shopping online is quick, convenient, and potentially wallet-decimating. Who out there hasn’t gone way over budget at least once while shopping online? It’s an easy thing to do – but what if you could go way under budget instead?

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There are ways to find discount coupons and promo codes from pretty much anything online. The trick is knowing where to find them. In this post, we’ll go over some simple ways to make sure that you’re getting the best deal every time you shop.

How to find discount coupons online

There’s nothing quite like getting to the checkout and then entering a code and seeing your total price drop by 20%. It’s a feeling of joy (followed abruptly by thoughts of what else you could spend your savings on). There are several ways that you can find discount coupons when shopping online.

Use discount hunting browser extensions

The easiest way to make sure that you’re getting a good deal is to install a browser add on like Honey or Wikibuy to automatically apply discount coupons and promo codes at checkout when you shop online. There are plenty of browser extensions that do this.

You can find out more details about them in our ‘Five browser extensions to save you money when shopping online’ post.

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Check dedicated coupon websites and forums

Believe it or not, but there are actually quite a lot of people on the internet who are going out of their way to share money saving offers with you. You can find several dedicated websites that offer coupon codes for free. There are also blogs about this kind of thing. A simple Google search should lead you in the right direction.

Start with sites like Groupon and then work your way down the list to see if you can get a better offer.

Sign up to the dreaded mailing lists

Yes, it’s not something that most people want to do. But if you’re looking to get your hands on some discount coupons for a specific brand or retailer, then we recommend that you sign up to their mailing list. To be fair, most of the emails will end up landing in your Promotions or Spam tabs, anyway. Seek them out and make sure you’re not missing out on any special offers.

Complete surveys

Again, if it’s a specific brand or retailer that you’re looking for, then you could simply go through their website and find a link to a customer feedback survey that they’re offering. They’ll usually reward you with a discount coupon.

Become a member

Members of specific retailers can enjoy a number of benefits, such as discount coupons, in-store savings, and purchase protection to ensure that you’re refunded if the price of the product you bought drops within 90 days.

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Follow influencers in the industry

If you’re active on social media – particularly YouTube and Instagram – then you can follow influencers, style gurus, reviewers, and more to get in on some juicy promo codes. It also makes sense to follow the brands that you like, as they’ll usually have promotions on for people who are paying attention.


You might think that the days of haggling are long gone in the West, but they’re actually not. It’s perfectly legal to walk into a store and haggle the price of any product. You can try and get a better discount than what’s on offer – if they don’t give it to you, then let them know you’re on your way to their competitor’s store to get a better price. Get the price and see if they can match it – play the salespeople off one another! Good luck!