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How Dux-Soup Accelerates Your Lead Generation

“The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.” – Wayne Davis

We are all aware that lead generation is important for businesses.  Lead generation is the process of creating consumer interest for a product or service to turn that interest into a sale. Online marketing includes collecting a visitor's contact information through a web form. 

DUX SOUP COUPONS & PROMO CODESBy concentrating on lead generation, it can assist drive traffic from high-quality prospects. And with high-quality prospects comes high-value customers.

Back in 2015 founder Will van der Sanden realized he was spending way too much time obtaining, compiling, and managing qualified contacts from LinkedIn.

His focus needed to be on nurturing prospects through the sales process and winning more business. Put simply, Will knew he needed to work smarter to grow faster.  Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn lead generation tool born out of necessity.

This article provides information about Dux-Soup and discusses how it works to accelerate your lead generation.

Keep on reading so you will know.

What is Dux-Soup?

Dux-Soup Coupon is the number 1 tool to bridge the power of LinkedIn, via automating time-consuming LinkedIn outreach tasks. Decide to examine and download profiles, visit profiles, or send connect requests and trickle missions to your LinkedIn records. It's automated lead generation at its ideal - focused on, customized, and versatile.

How does Dux-Soup work?

DUX SOUP COUPONS & PROMO CODESDux-Soup Coupon automatically engages with the prospects you select on LinkedIn. To engage means to bind, catch, or involve. It comes from a French word for the pledge. In this stage, you are trying to get the connection with the prospects.  Online marketing typically involves collecting a visitor's contact information via a web form. 

It endorses their skills, sends them personalized connection requests and multiple, delayed, personalized direct messages. It does this on your behalf, from your browser, providing you with full control and visibility of the activity in your LinkedIn account.

Using the LinkedIn Search, you can select your prospects or simply upload your list of profiles.  What will happen next is that it will automate your actions.  This means that you can view, endorse, connect, message, send drip or follow-up campaigns.  

Then, you can organize your results by saving notes and tags to profiles. Now, you can share your leads which means that you can easily export profile details like the summary, history, skills, education, email addresses, tags, and notes.

“Littoral, a lead generation agency, has Dux-Soup Turbo in its core offering. Turbo saves Littoral 2 hrs a day and campaigns have up to 70% response rate - delivering instant ROI.”

What's included in each edition of Dux-Soup?

For Starter Dux Edition, it is a free 14-day Turbo trial.  It is a great way to preview which features and settings Dux-Soup Coupon have and test them out for free.  Here, an individual can scan or visit profiles. 

Pro Dux Edition, gives you more options with prospecting and engagement. You get more automated features and can make use of downloads like notes, tags, skill sets, and job histories. You also get a performance dashboard.  And you can scan or visit profiles, send connection requests, send direct messages and InMails, and can auto endorse.  

DUX SOUP COUPONS & PROMO CODES“Master Funding Solutions proves that using Dux-Soup Pro with LinkedIn offers the greatest conversion rates, reliably delivering 1-2 high quality leads a week, several meetings and a targeted database of prospects.”

For Turbo Dux Edition, it gives you more advanced features - integration with external applications, such as HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, and a lot more.  Here, you can visit profiles, send connection requests, send connection follow-up messages, send direct messages and InMails, and auto endorse.

You can also access unlimited concurrent drip campaigns, add up to 12 messages per campaign, set delays of days/weeks/ months, enroll directly from LinkedIn/Hubspot/Pipedrive, and can enroll from any 3rd party system with Zapier.

Since it is more advanced, this edition has Dux-Dash funnel management.  It also qualifies leads in/out of the funnel.  It reflows leads back into campaigns and can analyze campaign statistics.

“Amped Marketing used the power of Dux-Soup Turbo to take your meeting acceptances from 0-349 in just 3 months. They share their hugely successful growth strategy with us.”

Can I use Dux-Soup Coupon Pro for any LinkedIn profile or is it exclusively linked to mine?    

You can use your Dux-Soup account for any LinkedIn Profile. However, we highly recommend having 1 Dux-Soup Coupon account for 1 LinkedIn account to avoid any data mixup and have the best user experience.

What are Dux-Soup Coupon Integrations?    

With Dux-Soup Coupon Integrations, you can take your LinkedIn lead generation to the next level. It builds lists and exports them directly into your CRM system, sends LinkedIn drip campaigns to contacts within your CRM, prioritizes follow-ups based on responsiveness, and increases conversion rates with more relevant and timely targeting. We make it easy for you to drive even more revenue from LinkedIn.


The Dux-Soup Coupon API is an open API included in Dux-Soup Turbo. It allows you to integrate LinkedIn outreach into your sales and marketing campaigns – for instance. It sends automated connection requests when a prospect reads your content; such as a blog, newsletter, or point of view.

It sends your prospect a direct message when you’re launching a new product or service. It keeps a record in your CRM of each message you send and receive on LinkedIn.  It also grabs the up-to-date LinkedIn profile information for your CRM when you get a connection request.

What is a Dux-Soup Coupon Masterclass?    

Campaign response rates increase when you get your targeting right. This Dux-Soup Coupon masterclass shows you 3 ways to enroll prospects into your LinkedIn campaigns and discover when and why to use each method. The highlights include automated and semi-automated enrolling - which to use?, how to enroll prospects straight from your CRM system, and enrolling into multiple campaigns at the same time.

In conclusion, Dux-Soup Coupon is unquestionably the number 1 tool. This tool can benefit companies to turbocharge their lead generation and ensure one step ahead of their competition.
“SafeSmart Access has enjoyed spectacular success with Dux-Soup Coupon and attributes $200,000 of monthly sales to campaigns that are driven by LinkedIn data, scraped using Dux-Soup Coupon.”

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