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Here comes Panago drool-worthy vegan pizza

Meat lovers find it tough to go vegan. Whether you are vegan or not, Panago has your back with mouthwatering vegan options.

Recently, Panago Pizza has added dairy-free Daiya cheese to their menu, along with meat-free pepperoni, vegan sauces, and four vegan crusts. By that, Panago has made it easy for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy the same great pizza delivery experience and actually satisfy their pizza cravings!

here comes panago drool worthy vegan pizza 1

Crusts are now 100% vegan-friendly - you can choose among Original Crust Organic Gluten-smart Crust, Thin Crust, Multigrain Crust, or Multigrain Thin Crust.

More than just veggies on pizza, Panago also has vegan meat alternatives - a meat-free pepperoni topping that is soy-based.

The cheese they use for vegan pizza is dairy-free DaiyaTM Cheeze, a certified vegan cheese alternative. Made from naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredients with no artificial coloring or flavors, DaiyaTM Cheeze is a creamy and great tasting choice for vegetarians.

Some Panago’s dips, shakers, or dressings that are recommended for a vegan are Italian Tomato Dip, Cayenne Hot Sauce, Sweet Mustard Dip, Chilli Shaker, Italiano Shaker, and their Simple Italian dressing.

Panago offers 4 sizes of pizza: Small, Medium, Large as usual, and Personal size so you can enjoy yourself as much flavor as possible! They also give away Panago coupons online - stay tuned because those bargains are guaranteed to make you smile!

No matter whether you are vegan or just looking for a meatless meal, Panago can serve you with its wide variety of vegetarian pizzas. Here are the must-try flavors when you dine out at Panago.

Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni

here comes panago drool worthy vegan pizza 2

Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni Organic is sure to please everyone at the dinner table with tomato sauce, meat-free pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, red onions, and dairy-free Daiya cheeze. This is the reason customers come back for Panago! ⠀⠀⠀

Plant-based Beyond Spicy Calabrese

here comes panago drool worthy vegan pizza 3

Why not skip your usual order and grab a slice of something different with Plant-based Beyond Spicy Calabrese? It is made of organic tomato sauce, chili flakes, Beyond Meat Italian sausage crumbles, red onions, red peppers, fire-roasted tomatoes, hot banana peppers, and dairy-free Daiya cheese. There's no compromising with this quality! Price? Also hard to beat when you apply Panago coupon code.

In addition to their selection of plant-based recipe pizzas, you can “veganize” any recipe on the menu too! Try substitute dairy-free DaiyaTM Cheeze for any other cheese. You can also unleash your own inner chef and create your own vegan pizza with choices from their abundant list of vegan toppings.

Saturday night and pizza, have you heard of a better pairing than that? If you're a vegan looking to score an awesome pizza night in, check out the Panago Plant-based Pizzas. Want to take your order up a notch? Use Panago coupon, panago coupon online to get the most for the least.