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Carid: 4 Parts to Get to Effortlessly Trick Out Your Ride

Summer is coming - a great time to have a vacation. Do you plan for your next adventure? Explore 4 parts at Carid you need to trick out your ride in summer 2021. 


Why did we choose Carid? 

If you are looking for car parts and accessories, Carid is a great place. They offer full services for your vehicles, from basic repairs, maintenance to builds and modifications. "Provide a happy shopping experience through a variety of product selections" is Carid's mission. 

Carid always brings the best value for customers: 

  • More than thousands of parts and accessories

  • High-quality products with an affordable price

  • Free articles and videos

4 necessary parts you need to buy 


It's quite difficult and needs a lot of experience to buy new tires. There are a lot of brands, sizes, and types of tires you can choose from, so it makes you confused. 

The car is safe when the tires are safe. Famous for 150 business years, Continental tire manufacturer has a range of 59 different tires in the US. To get more high-performance, Continental produced new tires named "ExtremeContact". It's suited for all seasons, both summer and winter. This tire brings drivers confidence in wet handling and snow traction. Don't need to change tire type when driving in the winter. 


Highlight features of Continental Extremecontact tires: 

  • Increase tread life

  • Save fuel 

  • High performance in dry conditions 

  • Good control handling in snow and wet weather 

Seat cover

Besides protecting your vehicle's seat, the car covers can make your car interior look modern and polished. They are flexible to change, wash, and clean. Moreover, they add more comfort while driving. It's the key factor to have safe trips. They keep drivers warm in the winter and cool on hot summer days as well. With many advantages of car seat cover, why don't you get one to protect your car?

Seat cover

Do you want to travel with your fur babies but worry about interior tears, stains they create? Polycotton Rear Seat Protector will solve your problems! It protects your vehicle and makes your pet comfortable. 

It is designed with many layers that bring high protection performance. The top layer of fabric has the purpose of avoiding tearing from sharp claws. The under layer is waterproof nylon to prevent stains. The next layer is a layer of resilient padding to bring a comfortable feeling. The final, made from non-slip fabric, protects the seat during your pet's moves. 

From time to time, your car seats need to be replaced. Explore more online stores to get the fit racing parts. 

Floor Mat

Besides seat protection, you need to care for your car floor. That's why a car mate comes and avoids dirt and mud you track on the ground. It's necessary for rain or snowfall regions. A good mat helps you save time to clean the interior and create an odor-free environment in your car. 

Try the WeatherTech - DigitalFit Molded Floor Liners for your modern car. Using the digital laser measurements, you'll have a perfect floor mat fit with your interior surfaces. The maintenance is very easy. Simply clean with some water, all dirt will be removed. 

Floor Mat

LED light 

To have a safe adventure, the visible is important. Choosing powerful LED bulbs to improve your lighting is essential to work when planning your trip. G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit contains 2 LED lights which are 6500K and 4000lm. 

These LED bulbs glow stronger than halogen bulbs and ordinary LED bulbs. They fit with any model vehicle,  easy to replace without requiring modifications. Their last long of 50,000 hours or more. 

LED light

At Carid, G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit at a price of $129.95. You can buy these bulbs at a lower value with many amazing Carid coupons.

Planning your future trip step-by-step starts from selecting 4 necessary car parts to have a fun and safe adventure.