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Build Your Own Battle Station With These 4 Essential Gaming Pieces

What should you do in quarantine time? Prepare your own battle station with 4 must-have gaming pieces! 

Build Your Own Battle Station

A place to buy gaming pieces 

Nowadays, there are many PC brands you can consider buying gaming pieces. Monoprice is a one-stop-place for the game addict. Established in 2002, they offer over 7,000 high-quality, and affordable electronics and accessories for customers worldwide. All products at Monoprice are made in the USA, to ensure the highest industry technology.  

Don't worry when shopping at Monoprice. You always get special values: 

  • Lifetime Warranty on all cables

  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

  • Return policy with no-question 

Top 4 gaming pieces 


Everyone wants to be a winner in a game. That's why a keyboard is an important part that you should spend time choosing. A good gaming keyboard can make a different performance while playing your favorite PC games. If you look for the best keyboard for gaming, try Monoprice Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard. 

The gaming keyboard is different from the normal one. Gaming keyboards are designed with many extra features that are rare in normal keyboards. They focus on some features including RGB backlights, media controls, and programmable keys. 

Most gaming keyboards use mechanical switch technology to bring better performance for both gaming and typing. With this technology, the gaming keyboard has a speed of light. It's so quick! While it's only a few milliseconds, it'll bring a faster response time, so you can react quicker than your game opponent. 


N-Key Rollover - the essential feature in all gaming keyboards. Monoprice Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard has a full N-Key Rollover that helps gamers play easier. They are designed to press any number of keys simultaneously, including Shift, Control, and Alt modifier keys. 


A mouse is one part of a combo with the gaming keyboard. Gamers need to have good speed.  Let's choose the Rover optical gaming mouse for your own battle station. Rover gaming mouse provides great control and accuracy by using sensors, which meet all gamer's levels.


Why is the Rover optical gaming mouse the right choice? 

  • DPI optical sensors: The DPI is dots per inch. That means, the higher the DPI, the better playing performance. This makes your move faster and increases your sensitivities. The Rover optical gaming mouse is designed with 6200DPI optical Pixart sensors, which will make a big difference in games. 

  • Omron switch: With the industry-leading Omron switch, Rover optical mouse has every click with lining fast speed. It is the most accurate and the fastest for more than 10 million clicks. 

  • Buttons: Many extra buttons for gamers. This helps them keep their hands in a rest position. 

The Rover optical gaming mouse only costs $24.99, even less with a Monoprice promo code.

Gaming headset 

Playing a game is less amazing without sound. That's why you should have one gaming headset in your game stations. 

Gaming headset 

The advantage of the gaming headset is below: 

  • Communication: Gaming headsets are combined with a mic and headphones, which allows gamers to communicate with the team while battling. It's good for team-based games.  

  • Sound quality: Compared with traditional speakers, the gaming headset offers more superior, crisp, and clear sound. The sound is delivered directly to the ears from a gaming headset; it just sounds better. 

  • Avoid external noise: The gaming headset can avoid external voice by noise-canceling technology. Microchips will analyze sounds and a counter-signal will cancel the noise. Gamers are totally immersed in the game space. 

Desktop monitor

The monitor is the window to the gamer’s feelings. Monoprice 34in CrystalPro Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor is the perfect option for gamers, video editors, or more. 

The Monoprice monitor features a maximum width with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a high-definition 2560x1080p native resolution. Gamers can open multi-windows at the same time and view them easily. 

Desktop monitor

The special of Monoprice 34" CrystalPro is ergonomic 1500R curvature. It reduces reflections at the edges and protects the player's eyes. From that, users can decrease the amount of eye movement when seeing from edge to edge.

To bring the brilliant color, the Monoprice 34" CrystalPro Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor contains VA panel technology. This is an essential feature for any gaming monitor because of its good performance and excellent image quality. The response time is faster than IPS panels, too. 

The price of PC components is not cheap for the highest quality. Don't miss out on any Monoprice coupons for more savings!