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BodyGym Review 2021: An All-in-One Workout Solution or Not?

A home gym is a luxury. It’s too costly to set up, due to the many pieces of equipment you’ll need. The BodyGym portable home gym, which is suitable for over 100 workout exercises, can be the answer to your home gym woe. Learn how awesome this one-for-all workout piece is below.

BodyGym Review 2021

1. It is easy to assemble

Smaller and innovative workout pieces have a bad rap of being over-complicated, especially when it comes to assembling them from the box. This is why many people would rather pay a huge sum for a bigger or pre-assembled equipment set. It’s just less troublesome that way!

It is easy to assemble

BodyGym isn’t IKEA. That means there won’t be a two-dozen step manual to confuse you. Instead, the BodyGym is essentially just a snap-together bar and an easy-to-adjust resistance band put together, which means you can save a lot of time assembling this workout piece.

2. It is portable

Home gym equipment is usually big, heavy, or both. That means your workout sections are likely to be limited to one space, for it is just so inconvenient moving something as big and clunky as dumbbells or your treadmill around. That also means putting these workout pieces away or storing them is a huge challenge.

It is portable

With its compact size, BodyGym lets you carry it anywhere. You can work out while binge-watching the latest Netflix series, or catching a glimpse of dawn on your porch. The BodyGym portable home gym allows you to work out anytime, anyplace.

3. It is general-purpose

Traditional workout pieces tend to be single-purpose. Treadmills are for running, weights are for lifting, and so on. On one hand, these workout pieces let you focus on training certain muscles, and are generally great if you have a determined workout goal, such as bulking up or gaining body mass.

It is general purpose

However, if you are unlucky enough to start off with an unsuitable workout regimen, changing it after having paid massively for your equipment is a pain! With BodyGym, you won’t have to worry about doing the wrong exercise! This small workout piece can be incorporated into over 100 different routines and exercises. 

4. It is so cheap

Unless you are into push-ups, gym equipment is expensive, with a treadmill falling into the $3,000 range and dumbbells around $40 to $50 per pound of weight. These are big investments, especially if you are still testing to see which workout regimen you should take upon.

It is so cheap

BodyGym doesn't cost as much, even less if you use one of our BodyGym coupons from our collection here. With it being a multi-purpose workout piece, you can get something that works as multiple workout equipment instead of having to buy multiple pieces. 

For one BodyGym purchase, you can get:

  • 1 BodyGym Bar

  • 1 BodyGym Dipped Natural Latex 15LB Resistance Band

  • 1 BodyGym Travel Bag

  • 1 BodyGym Booklet

  • 1 BodyGym Targeted Workout DVD

  • 1 FREE BONUS Move With Marie DVD

  • 1 Quick Exercise Guide Sticker Pack

  • 1 Tape Measure

Costing just £39.99, which is a little more than $58, you can own this amazing multi-purpose workout piece. 

So, is BodyGym the all-in-one workout solution you need? 

is BodyGym

If you are looking for extensive, professional workout equipment, then it might work better if you work with a professional trainer at the gym instead. Do note that a monthly membership to any gym is costly, and the pressure of watching everyone else does better than you will diminish any will to stay in shape.

However, if you are one of us who just doesn’t have the time and budget for the gym, then the BodyGym portable home gym is what you need to start working out, right in the comfort of your own home.