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5 Reasons To Choose Salomon Hiking Shoes

Salomon hiking footwear is one of the special product lines of Salomon. Is it really good? In this post, we will break down the overall of this hiking shoes line. Explore more discounts for your order here!

5 reasons to choose salomon hiking shoes

Salomon Hiking Shoes overall

1. Comfort

If you are looking for a supportive trail-running shoe, Salomon hiking shoes are a great choice for you because they provide lightweight and moderately flexible. It's very suitable for hiking with a small backpack. Additionally, it also gives a good feeling and protection like a hiking-specific model.

salomon hiking shoes overall

2. Traction

After many improvements in design, Salomon has redesigned their outsoles to enhance downhill traction. At the heel, Salomon uses solid rubber with lots of gill-like cutouts to "stick" into the ground.


All their hiking shoes also can be used well in soft mud, hardpack dirt, and even snow. One special thing to make good shoes is durable. Salomon gives durable shoes by offering a high-quality rubber compound, so it can't be deteriorated or chipped after hiking.

3. Stability and Support

When it comes to this factor, their hiking shoes can't supplant off-trail hiking, but it offers enough support for a hiking day or light adventure. You can enjoy a flexible under foot when walking on rocky trails. Salomon provides various X Ultras to protect your rolled ankles for a distance with 35 pounds of backpacking gear. However, if you prefer climbs or carry a heavy pack, you should choose Salomon QUEST 4D GORE-TEX FORCES 2 EN.

stability and support

4. Waterproofing

Are you wondering about their waterproofing abilities? Salomon hiking shoes have a perfect waterproof design for a rainy day without any problem. However, if you want to run in the snow, you need to read more product descriptions to choose suitable shoes.


5. Pricing

Salomon provides moderate cost for their products, for example, from $149.95 you can buy X ULTRA 3 GORE-TEX for your hiking day. For more flexibility, you can learn their footwear to get good items to enjoy your adventure. Salomon also offers free shipping for all orders over $50 and a 30-day return policy for all customers. Therefore, you will get the best deal when shopping at this site. Additionally, use a Salomon coupon to skip a high cost!

Save big on Salomon

To catch a big deal on Salomon, you can use one of these ways such as

  • Shop at the end of season
  • Visit their sale collection
  • Purchase during special time like Black Friday or Cyber Monday
Furthermore, you can see more effective tips on our blog "Save money on your running shoes? Get Salomon Coupon Code" to save up to 35%. In conclusion, Salomon hiking shoes are the top of their respective with aggressive and nimble. It brings a solid feel and protects your foot for both men and women, so purchase Salomon shoes now! Don't forget to use Salomon coupons to skip a high cost!