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5 perfect gifts for your angler dad this Father's Day 2021

Picking a good Father’s Day gift is not easy. For fishing enthusiasts, no Father’s Day gift is better than upgrading their fishing gear with something of the latest model. We at Coupons Plus Deals have compiled a list of what your angler dad might really need for the next family fishing trip this year.

5 perfect gifts for your angler dad this Father's Day 2021

1. Fishing rods

Oh yes, even though he might have a few sitting dusty in the garage, your dad will never stop looking for the next perfect rod to add to his collection. 

Fishing rods

Save your father the time looking for fishing rods, and buy him a good one. Don’t even worry about buying him something he already has, because every fishing rod differs, and is used for different purposes. When looking for a fishing rod, make sure that it is strong enough to not snap in half when your dad hooks something big!

Ask the store consultants for advice on strong fishing rods. We recommend iRod Fishing for anyone shopping for fishing rods on a budget, due to their awesome iRod Fishing discounts.

2. Heavy-duty gloves

Unlike fishing rods, a good pair of gloves tend to slip from anglers’ mind when it comes to fishing gear. 

Heavy duty gloves

While they are not instrumental in hooking a catch, a good pair of gloves can be the deciding factor in reeling his catch in. The bigger a fish is, the stronger it will thrash. While your dad’s good rod might hold it, his hands, already sweaty from gripping the reel for too long, can slip, thus letting the fish gain back a few inches into the water. That means it will take a lot more time and effort to reel it back in.

Heavy-duty gloves help your dad to have a firmer grip on his rod, which makes it that much easier to reel in big fish.

3. Tackle box

Unlike what you think, your angler dad doesn’t just throw everything on the back of his car. Rather, he has a specific box that he neatly organizes, That’s called a tackle box.

Tackle box

As his fishing gear collection grows, his tackle box might become too cramped to hold them all. This Father’s Day 2021, a bigger tackle box, with even more compartments for him to sort his lures, fishing line, and other necessary accessories in, is a great gift. Small downside: it might also make your dad spend all his time reorganizing his fishing gear collection again.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a tackle box. It truly shines when your dad needs something specific right on the spot.

4. Waterproof phone case

Well, casting your fishing line is fun, reeling your catch in is also fun. But waiting for your catch to take the bait is mind-numbingly boring. So your dad might want to use his phone to pass the time.

Waterproof phone case

As he is on water, your dad’s phone is at high risk of being wet. A waterproof smartphone case offers both convenience and protection, not only when he is out on a lake fishing, but also in rainy weather as well. As smartphones are essential nowadays, there are lots of waterproofed cases of different designs and quality being sold online,

If you are looking for something your dad’s age, check out these 80s-inspired designs from Redbubble, now available for phone cases too!

5. Cooler

A cooler is a must-have on any fishing trip if you want your catch to stay fresh even after the ride home.


While most families have a cooler somewhere, and you probably use them for storing ice or wine-cooler for summer camping trips. Because of this, you do not want your dad to use the family cooler for his fishing trip. Fish, unfortunately, smell, and their stench will take weeks to get out. Not unless you want your ice or wine cooler to smell like fish.

June’s summer heat is brutal. A cooler will allow your dad to share his catch of the day with family, without having to worry about it turning bad from the heat.

Cooler 1

It’s June. This means the long-awaited fishing season has officially opened for all American dads. But, after being kept in your family garage for a whole year, your dad’s fishing gear might not be as good as they once were. Thus, a brand-new set of fishing gear might be what your dad really needs this Father’s Day 2021.