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5 Creative Ways To Celebrate Birthday During Quarantine

Social isolation doesn’t have to mean you can’t celebrate special occasions - here are some great ways to celebrate your birthday while keeping your distance.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the entire world by storm, forcing most countries on the map to go into an extended period of lockdown. If you have a loved one’s birthday fast approaching, then you’re probably kicking yourself right now. But you don’t have to write off celebrating altogether - there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine from coronavirus.

Birthdays are special times. They mark a ritual passing around the sun for whoever’s birthday it is, but they also bring family and friends together to celebrate. Throughout our history, celebrating the little things has been key to overcoming difficult times. Even the Allies and Axis powers celebrated Christmas together during the First World War by coming out of the trenches and playing a game of soccer in No Man’s Land.

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Best ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine

We’ve taken inspiration from the ideas lived out by people around the world to bring you some of the best birthday party ideas for your loved ones in quarantine. Now you can celebrate without the risk of killing grandma.

Have a doorstep party

An old man in England passed his 100th birthday thinking that it would go without celebration. Little did he know that the whole street had organized to come out onto their doorsteps and sing to him in celebration. If you’re friendly with your neighbors, then why not try and organize something similar. You can have some music, maybe a BBQ if the weather permits, and celebrate with your neighbors while obeying social distancing rules.

Have a Netflix Party

You can download the Netflix Party extension for Google Chrome and invite your friends to watch your favorite shows or movies with you. The extension allows you to chat with your friends while watching shows in total sync with one another. Sure, it doesn’t beat going to the cinema, but considering the alternative is to have to watch by yourself, having a Netflix Party isn’t the worst idea in the world right now.

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Perform a drive-by birthday bash

You can surprise your friend or family member on their birthday by stopping outside their house and leaving them something nice. How about a bunch of balloons? Or some presents on their doorstep? You could even have a bottle of champagne delivered to their doorstep - or even just a card if your budget is tight. The most important gesture to give someone on their birthday is, ultimately, to show them that you care about them and want them to enjoy their special day.

Organize a birthday video montage

Video montages are one of the best birthday gifts out there - period. Anyone who has ever spent more than one birthday abroad knows how great a gift it is to see all your friends and family delivering your personal well wishes for your birthday. It’s a very sweet gift and it’s evident that a great amount of care and thought was put into making it. Just get all your friends to make a short video wishing your friend or relative a happy birthday and adding their own personal touch to it, then put them all together and send it over to them on their birthday.

5 creative ways to celebrate birthday during quarantine 3

Have a virtual party on Zoom

Zoom has really taken since the coronavirus pandemic hit. What began as a way for colleagues to hold remote conference calls has evolved into a way for family and friends to communicate in groups without actually having to be in the same room. What’s that ideal for? You guessed it: birthday parties in quarantine. Get your friends and family together and bust open a few drinks over the small screen.

In these difficult times, we have to make the best of what we have at hand. One of the most important things is that we continue to celebrate the moments that matter and take any chance we can to stay connected with friends and family. Happy Birthday, by the way :D