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5 Cool Things About Chili Technology - Change Your Sleep

Revolutionize your sleep with Chili Technology. The advanced cooling mattress pad topper unleashes the power of your body to get you a better night’s sleep.

We spend one-third of our lives in bed (or at least, we’re meant to). Just how much of that time are you spending in revitalizing REM sleep, and how much of it are you shifting around trying to get to sleep? The Chili Technology cooling mattress is here to make sure it’s more of the former.

Chili Technology is an American company that specializes in making sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep possible so that you can be on top form the next day. Whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home-mum, an accountant, or an electrician, sleep is the essential component for giving you that extra 20%.

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What does Chili Technology offer?

In short, better sleep. Chili Technology’s hero product is the ChiliPAD. This is a cooling mattress pad topper that has micro tubes full of temperature-controlled water flowing through them. This all connects to a control unit that you can operate with a simple remote.

You can also use the , which is controlled via a mobile-looking remote and allows you to set up a sleep system throughout the night. You do this by making degree by degree adjustments for different times in the night, allowing you to ensure you’re getting the best quality sleep all night.

Read on for a CHili Technology discount code and some awesome ways that you can improve your sleep.

5 cool things about chili technology

Now that you know what Chili Technology can offer you, it’s time to see just how much these products can improve your life. Here are five very cool things about Chili Technology.

5 cool things about chili technology change your sleep 2

I: It helps you be on form

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, balanced metabolism, and mind and muscle recovery. We’re often woken by being too hot or too cold, even though we might not realize this is what woke us up. With Chili Technology, you can ensure that your body is the right temperature to give you optimal sleep all night.

II: For you and your partner

The Chili queen-sized mattress topper doesn’t consist of just one cooling system - it has two. This means that those arguments about the ideal temperature can be solved by simply setting the temperature that is optimal for you, and letting your partner do the same. This means you both have the best night’s sleep possible.

III: It’s backed by clinical research

Everyone wants to sell you something to heal your pain points, right? It’s a lot more convincing when someone has actually got the backing of clinical research. Chili Technology went to the effort to conduct a four-week experiment with research partner Proof Pilot to test the impact that their products have on your sleep. What did they find? Some pretty positive results, that’s what!

5 cool things about chili technology change your sleep 3

IV: You can save money by joining Naptime Rewards

Naptime Rewards is an easy way to save money with Chili Technology. You can save up to 10% on your purchase by signing up. What’s more, they’ll give you one point for every dollar you spend in-store, plus more points for reading their blog and following them on their social channels like Facebook and Instagram. You can then redeem these points to save even more.

V: You can save 20% on the ChiliPAD

By using the Chili Technology discount code RESTORESLEEP, you can save 20% on the ChiliPAD. This limited offer is a great start to getting you a better night’s sleep and you should act fast if you want to get in on it.

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