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4 ways to grab CS:GO items plus hellcase promo codes

Having trouble finding CS:GO skins and items? Then Hellcase might just be what you’re looking for. Not only does Hellcase provide exclusive CS:GO skins and items, but they also offer hellcase promo codes for much lower price.

4 ways to grab csgo items plus hellcase promo codes

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Hellcase premium plans

All the best promotions, limited features, and bonuses will come straight to you. All you have to do is subscribe to their premium plans!

There are three premium plans for you to subscribe to, Silver premium, Gold premium, and Diamond premium. Choose the plan of your desire and click subscribe. After that, you will be directed to the checkout page. There will be a promo code field for you to enter your hellcase promo code. Voila! Now you can enjoy all the amazing premium features to your heart’s content.

Apply hellcase promo code now to get a huge discount.

hellcase premium plans

Try out the Fortune Wheel

You will get an exclusive opportunity to win the very best of items from their website. By saving event tokens, you can use them on this wonderful Fortune wheel to get your prize today! Get tokens from event cases and use them to spin the Fortune Wheel.

Also, The Fortune wheel allows users to access exclusive skins, items, and weapons for their character. Now you can show off your fancy-looking knife to everyone in the game and amaze them.

try out the fortune wheel

Take advantage of Hellcase Giveaways

If you are a premium user, you will be qualified to receive these Giveaways, a rare chance to get exclusive, high-quality items for free! Included Giveaways can be the hottest weapons, skins, exclusive items that can only be obtained through Giveaway events.

These Giveaways can occur daily, weekly, monthly, or even during special events such as Easter egg Giveaways. Be sure to make use of this amazing promotional feature to get the best items without paying a penny!

take advantage of hellcase giveaways

Refill your balance during special events

You can get up to 15 event rewards during this time by refilling your balance today!

  • Each gift box has one random reward (hover them for details)
  • Rewards include skins, cases, balance, and tokens!
  • The total refill sum is counted since the event's start
  • Referral and bonus balance is not counted into the total sum


Note that the final event reward contains the most valuable items and you don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity!

On the whole, Hellcase.com offers countless promotional programs and events that all gamers will find benefits from. Get your desired CS:GO items for an amazingly low price today!

Apply hellcase promo code now to get a huge discount.