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4 Newbie Friendly Heroes to Pull For Even Cheaper with a Seven Knights Code

Popular PC titles, like War Thunder, aren’t the only ones to enjoy special discounts. To newbies, keep a lookout for these 4 heroes, now cheaper to pull with a Seven Knights code!

4 newbie friendly heroes to pull for even cheaper with a seven knights code



All RPG know the pain of optimizing your team for farming for materials. Not only does your hero need to deal a lot of damage to kill pesky PvE-bosses, but also needs to do so without any support from fodder-slots in your line-up.

Nia - the Seven Knights’ Master Pilot is specifically designed for this purpose. An AOE-damage dealer, she is capable of inflicting 150% Magic Damage on 4 enemies while simultaneously being immune to all damage for 3 turns. In terms of farming, 3 turns should be enough to clear any PvE-farming stages.



In terms of backline supports, not many can beat out Snipper, especially when you are a newbie with limited resources. What makes Snipper such an asset for newbies is that he can make your whole team immune to formation change for 3 turns.

But Snipper doesn’t just play the support role in your line-up. With the ability to deal up to 200% of Physical Attack to a single enemy, plus gaining Crit every time he attacks, Snipper lives up to his name and can burst down your enemy in a flash. His only weakness is that he’s paper-thin, so pay attention to keeping him protected in battle.



Most players forget about her, as Seven Knights provide many decent, and sometimes OP healers for them to choose from, but for new players, Hayoung is definitely the early game AOE healer to invest in. She is easy to acquire and has a decent toolkit that allows her to play a pivotal part in keeping your early team alive.

Her passive Power of Tolerance can help you survive much longer when dealing with Burst teams, as it lets your team survive any instant kill move with 1 HP left, allowing instant table-turning move if you plan your team correctly. Even better, it also negates all Burn damage for the first 3 turns, giving you time to figure out the way to kill the enemy’s key unit.

Feng Yan

feng yan

One of the most sought-after heroes in the game, Feng Yan is somewhat expensive for newbies, as his drop rate is quite high, meaning you have to invest a lot in pulling for him. His most notable trait comes from his Speed. With a base Speed of 28, Feng Yan belongs in the faster end of Seven Knights’ speed spectrum.

However, with the ability to deal up to 600% of Magic Attack to a single enemy, Feng Yan remains one of the hardest hitters in the game, capable of killing anything during the first turn. He is also well protected by his passive, allowing full immunity to all damage for 3 turns if fully awakened.

Keep a lookout for these 4 newbie-friendly heroes, now cheaper to pull with a Seven Knights code!