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4 Healthy Julian Bakery Bread For Your Happy Breakfast

Breakfast is everything. It is the most important meal of the day. Have a smile for breakfast, you'll be shitting joy by lunch. Let’s see four Julian Bakery grain-free bread that helps you have a healthy breakfast.

4 healthy julian bakery bread

Organic Julian Bakery bread

Julian Bakery is a paleo food company that offers all gluten-free, low-sugar, low-carb, high-protein bread. They are useful in your weight loss journey. Besides paleo bread, they offer paleo protein bars, Julian Bakery paleo wraps, as well as other products like ketone bars and cereal.

The Julian Bakery bread is made from natural ingredients, for example, Egg White Powder, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Coconut Flour, and Psyllium Seed Powder. These ingredients keep you energized and eliminate the discomfort feeling of eating breakfast away.

The bread can last for up to 6-month. After opening, keep the bread in the refrigerator and use it during the week.

Four healthy bread for your paleo breakfast

Paleo Thin Bread Seed Medley

Paleo Thin Bread Seed Medley is gluten, grain, yeast, and soy-free. You have a multi-way to enjoy this bread. Toast them or eat bread with other favorite jam.

Paleo Thin Seed Medley Bread has a unique taste! It's different from the others. Unlike normal bread, it is mixed with four kinds of seeds including

  • Pumpkin seed
  • Sesame seed
  • Flax seeds
  • Chia seeds

paleo thin bread seed medley

Paleo Thin Sandwich Bread

If you want a low-carb meal, Paleo Thin Sandwich Bread is a great option. It is low-carb, gluten, and grain-free. This bread will give your sandwich a serious flavor kick.

The PaleoThin sandwich bread is the only low-carb bread that tastes like real bread. Having an egg sandwich and a cup of milk in the morning can energize you and me to start a new day to the fullest.

paleo thin sandwich bread

Paleo Thin Coconut Bread

Julian Bakery offers the lowest carb bread with only 35 calories and 5g protein. Paleo Thin Coconut Bread is the ideal solution for anyone looking to keep bread in their lives while keeping carb and sugar intake to a minimum.

paleo thin coconut bread

In case Coconut Bread is a bit bland for you, you can combine it with bold flavors such as dairy-free cream cheese and smoked salmon, nut butter and berry sandwiches, and sloppy joes.

Paleo Thin Almond Bread

Paleo Thin® Bread Almond is the second-lowest carbs bread in Julian's kitchen. You will enjoy your favorite sandwich or avocado toast without worrying about carbs or gluten. Almond Bread has only 60 calories and 7g of protein, so it's friendly to your health.

paleo thin almond bread

You can use it with smoked salmon, bacon, almond butter, or anything to provoke the tasting and make the bread bolder.

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