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3 shiny toys to make playtime with your kids less confusing

As parents, it’s difficult for you to keep track of your kids’ endless imaginary plays. One moment they are slaying dragons, and the next, training them to fight against the dark force.

3 shiny toys to make playtime with your kids less confusing

However, as proven in this , these imaginary plays can greatly contribute to child development. From the educators-built brand Rose and Rex, here are 4 toys to make paly times a little less confusing.

For babies: Natural Floatie Rubber Duck

For babies, bath time is fun. Or so you thought until they screech from the top of their lungs in the tub!

The truth is, the first few baths is a scary experience for most newborns. All their senses can become overloaded with new things to take in, from the warm water to the bubbly shampoo.

for babies natural floatie rubber duck

Made from 100% natural rubber from Malaysian Hevea trees, these Natural Floatie Rubber Ducks are very durable, even after hours of being soaked in warm and soapy water. Better yet, they are fully-sealed, meaning there is no hole for molds and mildews to grow in.

With 4 colors to choose from, your babies can learn about math by organically making observations about concepts like volume, gravity, and density. With only $17 per duckling, these ducks will make bath time a fun learning experience for years to come!

For toddlers: FIRST GO! White Balance Bike

Once your kids have taken their first step, so will you into their toddlerhood. Amongst the memories to fondly recall, the first time your children ride a bike is the most common for a reason. From the exhilarating thrill when their kids finally ride down their block, to the unfortunate tumbles and booboos when they fall off their bikes.

Well, maybe not the bloody scraping knees and hands and incessant wailing when they fall.

for toddlers first go white balance bike

Not to worry! The FIRST GO! White Balance Bike can make learning how to ride less scary. Designed to balance itself without any training wheels, this vintage-styled bike allows your kids to naturally develop their motor and balance skills, without needing you to constantly holding the bike.

The sense of independence gained from learning how to ride by themselves is unparalleled, for both you and your kids, Get this best-seller today, now cheaper when redeeming your working Rose and Rex coupons!

For children age 4 to 6: Prism Pocket Building Set

No child’s toy inventory is complete without wooden building blocks. But while children can create a lot of interesting structures with regular wooden blocks, the lack of a way to keep them connected for long greatly limits your kids’ creativity and enthusiasm to build things.

Introducing the Prism Pocket Building Set. With each block laid with hidden magnets, thus keep them connected even in the craziest formation, your kids can now build any structures, limited only by the number of blocks they have.

for children age 4 to 6 prism pocket building set

Each building package contains 6 blocks in random colors, which teaches your kids’ sensitivity to colors and harmonies aside from encouraging their creativity. Coated with non-toxic paint, these blocks are safe to play with for children of any age.

For $25 per pack, it’s best to purchase multiple so your kid can build anything without running out of building blocks.

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Toys aren’t cheap, no matter what brand you buy from. That said, there is one hack that any parents need to know when filling up their children’s toy inventory: Coupons.

This also applies to Rose and Rex’s toys. Any purchases made with a working coupon can drastically lower the price of your purchase, saving you from burning through your kids’ future fund shopping for toys.

bonus round spend less and get more with the rose and rex coupons

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