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3 Books to Help You Unwind After a Painfully Slow Week

It seems as if the world is holding you down, and the arriving weekends can ease your tired self at all. Worry not, enjoy a mental escapade this weekend with these 3 soothing books for unwinding your tightly wound soul.


3 Books to Help You Unwind After a Painfully Slow Week

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1. Premonition - Lisa M. James


The first of The Fortress duology, Premonition tells the tales of Isaac - a seer and Kiatra - the ruler of the Fortress. As his premonitions are considered a curse, Isaac is regarded as crazy and shunned by his people. Later, in a failed raid to the Fortress’ food warehouse, Isaac is given as a personal slave to Kiatra to spare his people from punishment. It was then, Isaac starts to get entangled in the royal court’s conspiracies for the crown while struggling with mixed feelings towards his new master.

Premonition 1

More than your typical fantasy novel, Premonition takes many inspirations from the Bible, most notably Issac’s prophetic gifts. The author Lisa M. James worked hard to create believable characters, with their strengths and shortcomings. Isaac is a seer, but that doesn’t mean he always makes the right choice. Kiatra is a fair ruler but at times tread passes into being a tyrant. With detailed descriptions, readers can easily envision the Fortress’s world, instantly making them a part of the story.

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2. Shadow of the Son - Ivan Obolensky

Shadow of the Son

The sequel to the award-winning paranormal novel Eye of the Moon, Shadow of the Son sees the return of Percy, one of the main characters on Eye of the Moon. When his estranged father, Lord Bromley, announces his unwavering intention to crash Percy’s weekend at Rhinebeck, he has to readjust his guest list with friends just to make it more bearable. However, the Lord carries a sinister past, with cruelty towards many of its ghostly, vengeful residents. Thus begins a suspenseful and chilling weekend for Percy and his guests.

Ivan Obolensky

Shadow of the Son sees Ivan Obolensky at his best, crafting another bone-chilling paranormal story. The poetic use of rhythms and rhymes ensnares its readers into the paranormal world at Rhinebeck. With his expertise in the occult, Ivan Obolensky’ words enchant us with a sense of supernatural horror and suspense. If you are looking for a book that makes you sleep with the cover over your head, Shadow of the Son is an excellent choice.

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3. Firebirds: Angela’s Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection - AJ Ryan


The first of the Angela series, Firebird follows Angela, an Oregon-born woman, as she runs into her high school crush Gene, which prompts her to go back to her hometown for a visit. Back in the 80s, the teenage Angela has feelings for Gene, something that makes her high school friends turn on her, spreading vicious lies and rumors, intending to destroy Angela and Gene's reputation, and ending in Angela moving away from Oregon. Now, a 30-year worth of secrets is finally unveiled, leaving a lot of lives shattered in their wake. 

Firebirds 1

For anyone who is still hung up over the 80s, Firebird is a must-read. The author AJ Ryan manages to capture the 80s atmosphere via references of music, funky hair, and loud color clothes. Her writing is upbeat and brass, with a lot of 80s Oregon Easter eggs for you to find. Under the colorful language, the story isn’t afraid to tackle subjects such as bullying and peer pressure, making it just as relevant in 2021 even though it’s set in the 80s.

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