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3 Marthas offers products with a wide product portfolio and multiple price categories. On 3 Marthas website top rated brand and cheap products both were found. 3 Marthas target customer from upper class by offering branded and quality product, target middle-level income by offering standards quality product and also 3 Marthas target low-income individuals by offering products with basic features. 3 Marthas has an enormous portfolio of products and everyone can easily find the product in their affordable price range based on their requirements. 3 Marthas also provide bonuses to their customers like referral bonus and subscription bonus. These features enabled 3 Marthas to capture high market share with a strong customer base. Also 3 Marthas provides their products at a discounted price through 3 Marthas coupons which are regularly updated on 3 Marthas website. As 3 Marthas has a diversified target market, they strive to deliver quality services to meet the requirements of their target customers. 3 Marthas offers 3 Marthas bundles for social events and gatherings like Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, New Year etc. these 3 Marthas bundles help customers to avail 3 Marthas discount on the purchase of their products. In this way 3 Marthas celebrate these festivals by facilitating their customers to enhance the colors and happiness of celebrations. Moreover 3 Marthas also keep in touch with their customer through their online website and social media pages. These services have enables 3 Marthas to maintain their continuous growth and prosperity.


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